Announcing Makers Festival: The Green Earth Edition

Aaron O'Leary
44 replies
Hey all πŸ‘‹ It's time for our annual(ish) Makers Festival and this year we are partnering with TechCrunch, The Hustle and Webflow to encourage makers from all walks of life to come together to build a more eco-friendly world and compete for a grand prize worth over $1,100. You can register here until June 4th and submissions will open on June 7th. Let's use this space to introduce ourselves, get to know each other and ask for support


Aaron O'Leary
Are you going to build solo or in a team? 🧐
Aleks Bochkov
Great initiative πŸš€πŸš€πŸš€ We probably gonna do it as a team.
Richard Francis
This is awesome. Unfortunately it’ll be a stretch for me but really look forward to seeing the submissions! πŸš€
Khalid Belghiti
Cool initiative! Not making in the eco/climate field but hope there will be some great solutions submitted :)
Savio ❀️
Awesome! Thanks for the great initiative! I'm on it! ✌️
Vishal Thukral
I currently don't have an idea. But, If someone has an idea & is looking for Full Stack Developer, DM me :)
Mayank Mishra
Great idea,.. all the best folks
Sven "Locomotive"
Sounds like a good idea 🀝 I might consider registering πŸ€” How often does the Makers Festival take place? It is a good concept because competition always generates great ideas, it should be more frequent!
Vishal Thukral
@aaronoleary i created this sheet to facilitate idea sharing & team formation. And created a discord server to collaborate. Can you share it with the community ☺️
Achuth Hadnoor
πŸ’ͺ let's go solo
Sounds great! I could easily think of at least 2 ideas RN, 1 about eating another about shopping.. But can't afford to get distracted.. Looking forward to voting on 21st June πŸ‘ All the best PH πŸ‘Š
Nathan Challen
I love the brief! but I was struggling there for a while to come up with something that could make a difference 🌏. But now I have an idea! ... it's πŸ€– time :). Looking forward to seeing what everyone builds. BTW: anyone else building in public? Where are you posting? Let's follow.
Osman Uzakgider
cool thing you're doing :)!
Jedidiah Dunn
Hello everyone, I'm not much of an app developer but this topic hits close to home for me, I have worked in agriculture my entire life, grew up in New Mexico ranching, then have worked for the Natural Resource Conservation Service across the country from the southwest to the Midwest to the east cost now to Hawaii. So anyways if anyone is working on anything agriculture, food system, climate based I'm happy to help on in a non coding capacity.
Jack Davis
Cool opportunity, excited to see what everyone makes!