SDRs: What are your favorite outreach tools?

Lukas Kemkes
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Dear Sales Development Reps! What tools do you use to help you with your outreach via LinkedIn and email? I am curious about any advice you might have :)


Dragos Bulugean
I use - it's a good automation tool that you can use in multiple ways.
Fabian Maume
For LinkedIn it depend the scale you want to run outreach: Phantombuste is good for small scale outreach, or if you want to run custom scripts. will be more affordable if you want to go for wide scale. For emailing: Woodpecker for WordPress works well for outreach lemlist 2.0 if you want to be fancy.
J. Mendez
Mailchimp. And I luv it
Thomas Wislon
Phantombuster. Quite hacky tool but super versatile.
Hannah SPL
Quite like buzz sumo
Nate Watkin
We had our SDRs using Mailshake. The best part is the emails always look like they came from a real person typing them out. No funny fonts or layouts (i.e. Mailchimp).
Elen Udovichenko
I might be biased, but I really enjoy using for my link building outreach - it offers a wide range of personalization capabilities and allows you to automate LinkedIn actions too (at least to some extent). There's also a handy email finder Reply: Email Search