SDRs: What are your favorite outreach tools?

Lukas Kemkes
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Dear Sales Development Reps! What tools do you use to help you with your outreach via LinkedIn and email? I am curious about any advice you might have :)


archbee: docs for software people
I use - it's a good automation tool that you can use in multiple ways.
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For LinkedIn it depend the scale you want to run outreach: Phantombuste is good for small scale outreach, or if you want to run custom scripts. will be more affordable if you want to go for wide scale. For emailing: Woodpecker for WordPress works well for outreach lemlist 2.0 if you want to be fancy.
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Mailchimp. And I luv it
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Phantombuster. Quite hacky tool but super versatile.
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We had our SDRs using Mailshake. The best part is the emails always look like they came from a real person typing them out. No funny fonts or layouts (i.e. Mailchimp).
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I might be biased, but I really enjoy using for my link building outreach - it offers a wide range of personalization capabilities and allows you to automate LinkedIn actions too (at least to some extent). There's also a handy email finder Reply: Email Search