#1 Product of the DayApril 23, 2020
Email search on LinkedIn has never been that easy! Reply’s Email Search and Outreach extension searches for prospects’ emails on LinkedIn in seconds, free of charge, and automates outreach process.
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Hey Product Hunters, Oleg, CEO and Founder at Reply here! Today, we are happy to launch our newly developed Unlimited LinkedIn Bulk Email Search functionality and giving it away 100% free of charge. We understand that businesses experience a downturn in sales in light of the current world situation. During this time, it is our goal at Reply to support your business and maintain or even grow sales. And there are only two ways how to keep or grow sales, even during economy downturn: grow pipeline and increase funnel conversion rate. That's why we are giving away our bulk Email Search functionality for free, to help you grow your pipeline and provide new users with 20% off of our main product, Reply. This will help increase your funnel conversion rate by establishing personal connections with every new lead that comes in. The discount is available by request via intercom chat within 30 days after the launch on Product Hunt. Please note, that we have worked hard to make this Free Email Search functionality ready for you as soon as possible. This means that we are still polishing it and it isn’t quite perfect just yet. To start using the Email Search you’ll need to create a free trial account on our main Reply product. Once that trial expires, you will need to create a new one or have our support team extend it for you. Within the next 2-4 weeks, we are releasing a free plan in Reply to work with the Free Email Search. Also, you will be asked to install two Chrome Extensions to be able to use the email search on LinkedIn. There is no other way around yet. Also, please note that our Email Search functionality focuses on quality versus quantity. This means the extension may not find an email for every contact, but those we do find for you have high quality. We are working on improving our email search functionality to have a larger range of coverage. Finally, we have not decided yet how long the email search on LinkedIn will be free and what pricing will look like afterward, but I can assure you, for the quality provided and credits package size - the price will be better than anything available on the market today. I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback and hope you enjoy using our free email search!
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@olegcl Isn't this not a potential tool for spamming people too?
I would highly recommend this email finding tool for all SDRs, sales reps, recruiters, marketers and growth hackers.
It's pretty useful to outreach people directly from linkedin to email with Reply tool
The functionality is by far the best I've seen on the market. Finds verified business emails in real time, with no database info, so no old contact infos will be enriched. Great extension!
@alex_panchuk thanks for sharing your feedback!
One of the most needed tools for any grow hackers and omnichannel outreach. The use-case is very obvious from the one hand and very complicated from the other: use sales navigator to collect the database for future outreach, thanks to this tool find their email, start the warming up campaign on Linkedin and email outreach. Add Zapier and your CRM on top of that and you can do a miracle ;)