What has been your most surprisingly lucrative marketing channel or activity?

Daniel Butler
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Can be paid, organic, or referral. If you had used it before to less effect what do you think caused the performance to improve?


It seems like few want to share their secrets :) But the question is good. It would be great to get some info on this.
Ana Bibikova
I'd love to get the same insight and exited to follow the discussion. However, wouldn't it be better to set a specific time limit? Let's say, over the last year. Or last 2 years. Or perhaps, it's only my personal perception as I'm just too long in business and has too much stories to tell:) I mean, 6 years ago organic search worked well for me, then it was email marketing, then I tried promo events quite successfully. However, I don't see it as my specific talent to invent most lucrative marketing channels, I just followed global trends, which I obviously hadn't set. If the question is not connected to a timeline we'll jut get the general listing of big trends, that's all.
Minh Dang
@anab thanks for sharing, Anan. I think it's good to keep update the process due to the situation happen around you. Great talk you have there.
Tomek Poniatowicz
Inbound is the key!
Varun Nair
The question depends upon who the audience is - what every strategy we initiate is respective to the relevant audience who are ready to hear. I am not sure whether this answers your question, however, one activity like the Linkedin event page during the pandemic surprised me with 2.1k participants from around 7.3k invites.
Paul O'Brien
Organic search. SEO if you will. Building a solid website and creating compelling and unique content, remains the definitive answer. Far more people trying today, and there is a lot more competition, so many won't agree because they likely had a better experience with some other channel; but at the end of the day, creating relevant content owns the one place everyone seeks answers and pays dividends over the years.
Marco Edemanti
Unfortunately I don't have any tips to share since I have yet to find a way to make my website going viral :) But I'll follow this thread very carefully! of course my biggest channel of visitors came by PH 😬
Tanya Volkova
@marco_edemanti1 which is still a good result :) I know people who had very very few visitors coming from PH
Marco Edemanti
@tanya_volkova in the first day the website got like 1.3k visitors that's not bad :) the hard part is now keep the visitor growing 🤗
Rikki Hillenbrand
Great question @dnlbtlr 🚀 Very keen on hearing the thought of others! I think our performance would not have been the same if we wouldn't have implemented a very personal customer feedback system, booking calls and getting organic, high-quality opinions. It is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort but has definitely paid off for us! Inline with that, network marketing (which stems from this intensive customer feedback system) has been working miracles for us 🌟
Tanya Volkova
@dnlbtlr @rikki i have a similar experience in b2b sector, our best channel was the feedback loop along with growing referees among current clients. Do you guys have a b2b or b2c product?
Raquel Winiarsky
I think it totally depends on your demographic and where they are, for us right now: - Twitter: organic - Facebook/Instagram: paid
Sharanya Prasad
They say that at the beginning of your startup, do things that don't scale. The strategy that best worked for us at Socialite (socialiteweb.com/socialite-beta) is direct contact with users. We kept in touch with the initial user base and kept getting their feedback to improve the product, eventually they have started liking the product a lot better and started advocating it to their friends. That is how our user count is currently growing. But we are still in beta and hence can afford to take this approach. Might not be practical for a much bigger company.
Daniel Sperling-Horowitz
Definitely not Product Hunt! We launched today on Product Hunt, and we failed miserably... Here's our post-mortem: https://www.offermarket.us/blog/...
Minh Dang
This is a very interesting question. I love to see other's feedback on what they are doing during this tough time. LinkedIn, and email marketing seems like a great spot for me at this time. We generated organic leads and had some calls with clients via Zoom, GG met and it went pretty well. Advertising on the website is expensive and not bring many results. We are trying to bring good advertising content to Tik Tok as people nowadays appear on it very often.
Steven Tey
For One Word Domains (https://www.producthunt.com/post...), what worked best was quality press coverage by publications that are frequented by our target audience. Sites like Domain Name Wire, Namecheap, and Namepros have all been really effective in driving high-quality traffic to the site.
Andrey Drobitko
For us Tiktok is a cool free users acquisition channel. We gained more that 400K followers without marketing budget https://www.tiktok.com/@sketchar...
Jacob Jacquet
Here's an article I wrote on how we've scaled virality https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/r... It is interesting to see how we've been able to repeat this process many times now with great reception and completely avoid "spamming" Virality = Offer + Information + Distribution
Christian Collard
Email. I join giveaway's with other brands and when they enter and subscribe they get a welcome series of 5 emails with non-salesey details on my brand. Open rates are 50% and conversion is great when I finally drop an offer.
Karim Marroush
I guess it all starts with the question: Do I have the product/solution that addresses the need/pain point of my prospects? If yes, building an SEO ready website is key for mid to long term marketing objectives. Then, inbound marketing such as writing articles, blogging, and podcasts on your website and redirecting it to various social media channels work wonders. This way, you will make sure all traffic is directed to your website as opposed to any other channel. Simalteuonsly, outreach with a short 1-2 minute video about your product will work its magic to have prospects try your product if they identify the solution for their problem. Beside email marketing, I would choose the outreach channels that fit my audience best. In summary, for early-stage startups, selling a product without paid marketing might be crucial to identify a market fit.
Glen Egbide
I have a beautiful and inspiring opportunity to buy a company, how can i prove it's worth investing and where can i find investors. im in Geneva
Nishadha Silva
Our best channel is organice traffic and the second is PPC. But two suprising channels that continuous to send qualified leads is Quora and Pinterest. Pinterest is probably not for everybody, but I'm sure most buisness can benefit from Quora.