Do you use gmail as your work email client?

Daniel Butler
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Yep straight up in the browser
Yep with IMAP
Nope - Outlook
Nope - Mail
Something else (please comment)


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I use Newton
Founder at planzApp
I tried Superhuman and its good but lately I've been using Spark Email (with TickTick)
Creator of Lenster
I use Missive
Product Designer @Nomono.
I use spark, but when the mobile version for yourtempo comes up I'll switch immediately.
Web designer
I use Gmail and Outlook. I like both of them. First of all, they are simple and convenient. Also, I got used to them. And it is possible to use different email software like Email Detail Search, for example, that hallows to find the necessary letters among the old archived filed. I should say, such tools really help to ease the work.