What tech stack have you used to tackle VAT with your SaaS Subscription startup ?

Daniel Butler
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We recently went through some major research trying to figure out how to correctly setup and charge VAT for businesses in Europe. We thought Stripe would have it covered, oh how wrong we were. 😅 We've documented our findings covering everything from third party research to interviews with other startup founders in Europe. https://medium.com/slight-pause/...


Karl Nislow
I feel like Avalara is industry standard but that could be outdated thinking.
Ana Bibikova
Awesome extremely useful article on Medium. Thanks @dnlbtlr
Masoud Fatemi
Thanks for sharing it was a great article, for this matter we chose Paddle. as you mentioned they're MoR and they'll handle this things by themselves and we don't need to worry about that. also about the trial, we decided to make the free trial + no CC required directly in the product and when users decided to subscribe, move them to Paddle.