User Management

Chelsea Randall
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Hello! We have a web app and are looking to implement User Logins/Accounts. Does anyone have any recommended tools or services?


Hussein Yahfoufi
It's a little hard to answer the question without knowing more about the product and the rest of the tech stack. But some options are Auth0, Okta, Google Identify Platform, are all worth looking into
Chelsea Randall
@husseinyahfoufi Thank you! Will look into these. We are a content/entertainment site, so we don't need any features beyond login/signup with Facebook, Google etc. Looking for the easiest solution to get it up and running quickly for testing. The site uses React frontend with mostly Spring boot backend on AWS infrastructure.
Caroline Chiari
I personally use Azure B2C, I haven't implemented the social logins in production but it's not that hard. I also have an AWS backend so, you can definitely do this.
Caroline Chiari
One thing I wish I had thought of before I went through the user management exercise is where I want my future users to come from. For me it's enterprise, probably active directory, hence I went the azure route after I went the in-house route.
Baptiste Morch
Backing you on this one @caroline_chiari. We also experienced Azure AD B2C through a project and it worked fine.
Vijay Viradia
@Chelsea Randall Please guide, I can help.
Alex Devero
It depends on your target audience. For most people, google and facebook will do the job. These are the most popular platforms and majority of people is likely to use at least one of them. Additionally, you can also use Auth0 or firebase.