Does anyone have experience with Guest Blogging?

Chelsea Randall
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We just received our marketing report to grow our user base and plan to drive traffic to our site. Our plan has a lot of detail on blogging, but I feel that the effort to get a blog up and running takes just as much work. Has anyone had luck or can provide insight on how to be a guest blogger on a popular site as a means for marketing?


Alex Papageorge
Hey! By guest blogger are you thinking an accredited contributer or ghost writer?
Hussein Yahfoufi
Agree that the blog takes a lot of work. Especially when you want to have a good and solid blog that will actually drive traffic to your site. It also takes just as much time to write a blog post than it does to promote that post and drive traffic to it which will then drive traffic to your site. I guess the question is, wether or not you believe a blog will be a key marketing channel for you. For we decided that our audience are avid readers of investment sites reviews and of personal investing articles. So it is a marketing channel that we thought is worth exploring We are looking into guest blogging on other sites as well, that is no easy task either. We made a list of target sites we want to try and get published on. For each site we are coming up with article topics that may interest them so we can pitch them. We are also following them on social and trying to build a relationship with them. It is also a lot of work. Of course there are companies out there you can hire to take care of your blog and of your guest blogging. If you have the budget for it. That is an option.
Chelsea Randall
@husseinyahfoufi Thank you for sharing! It will take a lot of work and research just to pitch to some potential candidates. Not sure the juice is worth the squeeze.
Dustin Miller
I have experience of guest blogging with multiple popular technology websites. Guest blogging is a great way to reach to a different users of different websites. By having a consistent and valuable content you can make people aware of your person blogging site or a website. Just make sure you pitch right websites with particular niche in mind.
Chelsea Randall
@dustin_miller can you share any tips on how to get included on a blog? is it just sending cold call emails and DM's and hope they say yes? We are a new content type website with no brand awareness, not sure how easy it would be to get mentioned somewhere.
Amy Frame
Guest blogging can be great, but you have to make sure you find the right fit! Find someone who's style and outlook matches yours, and who organically fits the brand - having another name associated with the blog definitely helps to give a professional feel.