The Ugly Truth: Paid Advertisements

Chelsea Randall
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Hey Everyone! Wanted to open the discussion on everyone's experience with paid advertisements. We are putting together our action plan and will most likely be doing some paid Facebook campaigns to gain brand awareness. We will also investigate Outbrain for native advertisements. We have done all the user profile research and know what demographics we want to reach. Have you all had any luck with brand stickiness and traffic to your site with ads?


Parag B.
I’ve used FaceBook and Twitter paid ads very effectively. But it depends on what you are promoting. Last year I spent a ton of money on FaceBook, getting tons of clicks and brand awareness, but very little revenue. After I had almost exhausted my ad budget, I decided to give search ads on google and bing a try and suddenly my cost of conversion came down drastically. This year I had to do the reverse for another product I was selling. I started off with google search ppc ads and got nowhere, then sat down and worked hard on identifying the demographics I needed to target and then spent like 50 bucks on Facebook ads and got more results than the thousands I has spent on google search ads. It’s my opinion that Facebook and Twitter a fantastic for micro targeting, but if you can’t narrow down your audience then search ads are more effective. But then thats just my personal opinion based on the limited advertising I have done
Chelsea Randall
@parag_ayetap Thank you for sharing! This is very helpful. We plan to go the micro targeting route with Facebook. We have done a lot of research on our target population and looked at analytics from similar websites to advertise to.
Chelsea Randall
FYI TikTok is offering $300 in free advertisements for new business accounts. We signed up and it's great