What do you guys think is most effective way to gain traffic to your site?

Chelsea Randall
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Samuel Dirksz
Don't forget 'A good product' ;)
Samuel Dirksz
@chels You'd think so, however some startups think they have struck gold, when it's actually not more than iron. Just because they onboarded 20 users the first week and comes to a standstill after that ;)
@samuel_dirksz1 I'm not sure if I wholly agree with that. There are always instances where a great product loses out to market forces. How would anyone explain what happened to Myspace, for example?
Samuel Dirksz
@quixical1 Of course there is more to it then just a good product. The questions was: "What do you guys think is most effective way to gain traffic to your site?" though.
Alex Papageorge
If it's a focus on "most" effectively. New content is reusable/repurposed for 4/5 listed above.
Elen Udovichenko
In the long term you definitely need high-quality content, optimized for SEO that you share on social media (or even boost with paid ads) 🏆 Product Hunt is only good for occasional promotion to augment the tactics listed above 👆
Hussein Yahfoufi
I think for long tern, SEO will be your best friend but it takes time to get there. New Content definitely helps with that mission. Advertising and PH type sites are great to give you a boost. The awesome thing about sites like PH too when you first launch is it help with discoverability from journalists.
Georgiana Laudi
If by traffic you mean product-fit signups, it completely depends on your target customer and how they "shop" for solutions. It's not a one size fits all and must be tested.
Chelsea Randall
@ggiiaa Great point! We have done a ton of end user testing. I think we are User Bob's number one customer. A tedious, but important part of any implementation.
Valerie Fenske
really depends on buyer personas you are targeting. what are yours?
Olga Trykush
I think that the best way to gain traffic is still to put all efforts in building a loyal community, after they will promote your product better than any other marketing tools.
Harri Arain
I do prefer advertisement but niche depends on product like for Staff Timer App we designed it in a way that proper portion effort goes into each sector but, new content sometimes effect your niche
Chelsea Randall
Social Media is definitely how we are currently targeting new users. We are about to launch our digital marketing action plan and take our social media pages to the next level (I hope) and implement On-Page/Off-Page SEO. Our product is unique because it's a content/entertainment website, we don't offer a specific service. Sometimes I feel like it can't all just be so dependent on Instagram LOL.
Ivan Sidelnik
I believe that for achieving super-results, you should use all of it in conjunction.