Share your product here to get support, feedback, users (w/c 9th of December)

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Hi Makers! This thread is dedicated to you if you are: (1) launching soon or recently launched (2) looking for beta users (3) asking for feedback on a landing page First, start by helping out another maker. You can check out their launch, give their product a review or share a comment on their launch post. Once you've helped someone else out, share your product link here and BE SPECIFIC about who your target audience is and how we can help.


Nguyễn Hải
Here's a project I made for users who want to use different types of mechanical keyboards but no need to own them, or people who loves the mechanical keyboard typing sound but can not use it at work or late night.
Gonçalo Henriques
@hainguyen13 lol this could be super annoying, I like it :)
Fu Fei
Hey all! I working on Product Lens. Its is Product Marketing platform for Shopify Merchants. We just launched on Ship last week: This is our landing page... Any pros out there? Is there anything we can do to improve?
🚀 Launched namecame 2.0 today which sends you available (aka unregistered) domains right to your inbox. Use them for side projects or to spark new ideas! Would appreciate any feedback!
Irma Mesa
@namecame_ Great landing page. Straight forward and nice touch with the "recent mail" it provides me (user) or any visitor with what I'll be receiving making it a little more comfortable entering my email.
@_justirma Thanks Irma! Tried to think about what I’d look for before signing up!
Dmytro Strukov
Hey all! Want to better understand your favorite celebrity? No problem, dive inside of Spotify playlist, listen to music that your idol likes, add your own playlists and help the community
Ranvijay Singh
We recently launched SaaStraQ - a one-stop platform that helps users to discover & try saas products in OneClick. This gives SaaS product owners an opportunity to showcase their product to highly interested audience and get more trial signups. Visit website or add your product - It will be great to have your feedback on this. Thanks
Petri Maatta
@ranvijay_singh Nice idea. Forgot password not working. No sign up process to add companies.
Ranvijay Singh
@sharedseo Thanks. Did you try signing up following (For Partners) link?
Petri Maatta
@ranvijay_singh Now I registered through partner link
LaTonya S. Johnson
@ranvijay_singh I love it!!! The interface is appealing to the eyes and easy to use. I found some really cool products there also!! I'm going to add my product.
Fernanda Graciolli
@ranvijay_singh sweet idea. I'll definitely come back to this once we launch. Regarding your landing page - it's very visually pleasing and easy to navigate. My only suggestion is making it a bit longer, and maybe after all the categories, adding a few sections about how it works. It took a while for me to figure out what this was exactly.
Filip Jędraszczyk
Thanks @abadesi for this thread! Hi everyone! I'd love to get some feedback from Makers community. We’ve just launched a big update to our app. From now on, you can challenge yourself to complete our challenges and earn cute badges for performing specific actions in the application. I’m curious to know what you think!:
Björn Antonissen
Hi everyone! I'm working on YTCount V3. Started as a cute sideproject in 2016 and 3 years later I started with version 3. V3 will come with a new design, new code and new features. Let me know if you want to join the TestFlight (iOS)
Lydia Sugarman
I'm working on a new front-end marketing website for Venntive. I'd love to get your comments about what attracts your attention most when researching SaaS platforms. As a holiday gift, we are offering 50% discount on the first 12 months on all new accounts. Just use the promo code ELITE when creating a trial account -
@lksugarman hey Lydia: I'd love to help, but the questions is so general it's hard to know where to start. Considering SaaS Use? Very different answers depending on the use case. My answer would be different for an accounting platform than marketing - SaaS is just the way to deliver the products.
Dimitris Niavis
@lksugarman Hi Lydia, I will agree with @tela that the question too general. But, from what I see in the link you shared, it seems that the sign up form has some UX flaws that you should have a look at in the new website (perhaps you've planned for this). Some of the information that is mandatory, shouldn't be required in order to create an account, e.g. "How did you hear about us?". You could break the form into multiple steps, create the account and ask for new input when it is relevant to what the user is doing.
Lydia Sugarman
@tela @dimitris_niavis I know a lot of SaaS applications go for the bare minimum of fields to create a trial ... when they actually offer a free trial. We're being kind of contrarian about that, at least for now. That field is actually more to serve for tracking affiliate referrals and promotions. If it isn't required, people have a tendency to ignore it. This just makes our bookkeeping easier. It's a quick dropdown and a gentle reminder to give credit where it might be due.
Lydia Sugarman
@tela Sorry abut that! Venntive is a complete CRM that is a smart alternative to Hubspot, Salesforce, etc. It eliminates the need for 10-15 different applications and unites everything under one umbrella where you can manage the complete customer lifecycle. So, what's important to you when evaluating marketing, sales, customer support, customer success, etc., etc.? Features? Price? Support? Etc.?
Nirnay Patel
We recently launched our real-time spelling and grammar checker that you can put directly on your website. Just add a line of code and it will correct all of your users' mistakes as they type. Check it out here: Perfect Tense 2.0
Piotr Bartoszek
One week ago we've released big update on Owwly. Currently makers can share their stories about products (successes, failures ect.) If you looking for new digital products and want to share your knowledge with other creators - check
Antoine Jagueneau
Launching soon Custodian, a SaaS Management Platform that helps IT Teams to better manage their SaaS, have a look and share your feedback :)
Gonçalo Henriques
Hey everyone! As a maker, I'm always looking for a new challenge and that goes a lot through looking for requests for products online. That gave me the idea to create a weekly newsletter with weekly curated product requests I find online. Check the web page And let me know what you think.
Yesenia Guadalupe Moreno Diaz
Hey all! I working on Product Lens. Its is Product Marketing platform for Shopify Merchants. We just launched on Ship last week:
Dimitris Niavis
Hello! We recently launched Seque with a goal to help people increase their quality focus time and be more productive. The idea is to braidump your tasks, decide how much time you want to focus on each, practice monotasking for the set time and then learn through analytics and logs. We believe that it works great for makers and people in the tech industry. We would love to gather feedback on both the app itself (iOS only for now) and our website 🖖
Sean Bair
@dimitris_niavis Hi Dimitris, a few pieces of feedback for your website: I love the wave animation at the top, awesome! However, as you scroll the animation continues and it feels like it's a little much. Also, your headline "achieve productivity bliss - one task at a time" doesn't need a dash. If you wanted to distinguish the phrases you could make them different sizes or colors than one another. I would also recommend to bring your app screenshot further up the page. I didn't have a clear idea of what the app did until I saw the screenshot.
Dimitris Niavis
@zoowho Much appreciated feedback and suggestions! 🤘That last part with app UI is something we're testing and will probably get implemented soon. Thank you for doing this Sean!
Kien Tran
Hello, We are preparing to release our new App its a Page Builder call LayoutHub which helps to build your store in a few minutes without skills of code, design. LayoutHub will focus on make a Big Library of Layout/Sections ready to use, which helps the store owner build a fresh layout for their Website. If you are interested in joint to looks and feels our product and give us your feedback that big thanks from us. Best Regards
Khyati Rathod
Thanks, @abadesi for this thread Hi everyone, I'd love to get some feedback for my app, you can create your own Augmented Reality world, place some 3d Object and see this 3D object in your World and create your own Augmented Reality World. Here are is the link Thanks,
John Bauer
Hey Hunters, Thanks @abadesi for this awesome helpful thread. We have launched our WordPress Image Editor plugin 'WP Paint' here: There is an extensive array of image editing elements that comes with WP paint. It has the ability to manage layers, crop images, set the layer details, and much more. It’s like a small photoshop to your WordPress site. Just go to the media library and select any image to edit it with WP paint. Make your images sharper, clear the background, or add any shapes and text instantly with this image editor plugin. Features - Add custom texts, shapes - Photo editor UI that resembles photoshop - Rotate, flip & resize images - Change the hue of images - Adjust the contrast and brightness of the image Please check it out and share your feedback.
Sean Bair
@john_bauer1 This seems like such a great idea! It's like skipping a step.
Hi everyone! Planning launch on PH so fast as I get finnish the video promo 😅. Over thousand users subscribed, is a LinkedIn for extreme sports lovers and yogis. Mostly instructors & digital nomads. All geolocated with option to share job offers, courses and trips. Also notification if other users with same activities are nearby. Wondering where to find best practices for launch on PH. Also any tip or suggestion will be really appreciated 🙂 Thanks
Sean Bair
Hello all! I've just launched ZooWho, a free personal CRM app. Right now we're working to get the word out and gather positive reviews so that others can know about our product. Would you mind trying the app and leaving a review on Apple or Android? App Store: Android: Our Website:
Sean Bair
@latonya_s_johnson Thank you for this feedback! We are aware of this error and launching an update this week to fix it.
Sean Bair
@latonya_s_johnson Thank you LaTonya, we're also adding updates to this step to make it more intuitive :) In the import screen there should be a button at the top left that will say "select all" toggle this to select or deselect contacts or select them individually.