Play mechanical keyboard sounds as you type

It's an app that let you define and play mechanical key press sound as you type your current keyboard, although it is membrane or mech key with any kind of switch.
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It's a side project that I made for myself since when I use my own mechanical keyboard at late night or in the office and my parents and my coworkers hate that alot, because the sound of the keyboard is very loud (especialy in quiet places). So if you are facing this issue just like me then this product is for you! - You can add more keyboard sound set by recording any sound you like and add them to this app with some easy steps. - Use your laptop keyboard or non-mechanical keyboard at work and still hear your loved sound. - Use this app as any purposes as you want (such as: demo for buyer about the keyboard sound before they buy it, custom any sound for any key...) If you find this interesting or have any idea, please let me know!
@hainguyen13 Hey awesome product and hello from Vietnam! Isn't there a version for Mac?
@nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 Thanks mate, there will be available for all platforms, I will upload them on next release. (Cause' I was just too busy to run build on virtual mac and linux machine)
@hainguyen13 can't wait to try it out! Can you send me the early build via
@gmail @nguy_n_hung_tu_n1 I've sent you the link to the MacOS version, please check it out and send me your feedback, that helps me alot, many thanks!