Who is launching this week? 🚀

Aaron O'Leary
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hey makers 👋who is launching this week? tell us what you’ve been working on and how we can help! 🤗


Kenny Grant
I'm launching this week (today in fact!). I'm probably doing everything wrong as this is my first time launching a product on PH 🤔but too late now. If you have any tips for launch day let me know. The product is Status Page, if anyone wants to try it out and let me know what you think, that'd be great. Signup is free and takes < 1 minute to get a free public status tracker like this one: https://projectpage.app/status
Aaron O'Leary
@kennygrant Congrats on the launch! Looks good to me, you should check out this guide https://blog.producthunt.com/how... which is a collection of all of our best tips for success on Product Hunt 🤗
Dason Goh
@kennygrant congratuations on your launch! Looks good, like your product comparison with a similar service. And all the best!
Bridgette Bryant, Designer
@kennygrant Believe in yourself Kenny. If you had the idea, then it is something the world needs and you strike me as the type of person capable of making it happen in a productive and efficient way. Go for it! And good luck!
Ahmed Men
@aaronoleary I am working on launching "Lazy" this week: https://www.producthunt.com/upco... I am looking for feedbacks and would love anyone's advice on how to get more beta testers. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Aaron O'Leary
@demtzu That looks like a really handy tool! Cannot wait to see it go live! Happy to give it a whirl and give some feedback!
Ahmed Men
@aaronoleary Hey Aaron, I forgot to tell you that I've launched ;p Meanwhile I see that you have upvoted Lazy, thank you so much for the support : ))
Ipatov Anton
Hi I'm launching today. Site for nomads. I will be glad if you say what you like and what not https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Mohd Danish
Hi Aaron. Yesterday, I build an small search tool to find jobs on twitter. And Today posted on twitter https://twitter.com/mddanishyusu... I'm planning to launch on PH tomorrow. Thanks
Yann Guillet
Hi Aaron, We're launching Inyo next week. Inyo is a smart assistant for freelancers. We've created a landing page www.inyo.me/home to collect emails of people interested in our product. Any tips on where we can promote this page? Best, Yann
Raquel Winiarsky
@yann__g This is such a great idea! I added my email to the waitlist. Can't wait to see the final product come out on 09/10! Congrats :)
Reza Madjidi
We just launched some minutes ago! I'm very excited to hear everyone's thoughts on kiwiHR Time Tracking and Attendance It's probably too late now to ask for tips on launching but I'd still appreciate some hacks I could use for next launch since kiwiHR is an ever growing tool. Any tips to promote? https://www.producthunt.com/post... Best, Reza
Swaathi Kakarla
I'm launching in a few hours! The product is called HearApp and it's an effortless meeting tool. With it, you can schedule meetings, take notes, add actionables and automate follow ups. If anyone wants to give it a go, shout out to me! :) Here's the link: https://app.hearapp.co. Would love product feedback!
Aaron O'Leary
@imswaathik Oh wow, good luck with the launch! Love the landing page, Ill give it a shot! Let me know if you need any help with launch stuff!
Swaathi Kakarla
@aaronoleary oh thank you! Means a lot. I would love to know if it conveyed what HearApp does. Tbh pitching isn’t my strong point but would love to get better!
Me and my team are launching https://www.circular.xyz/ this week on PH. I will try to follow all your advices :)
Raquel Winiarsky
@laurentbsalis Hi! A couple of notes from the landing page. Instead of having different copy (maybe your slogan) animate - I would first have your slogan stand strong (no-animation) and then include what the product is and the app that goes along with it. I had no idea what it was until I scrolled all the way to the bottom and realized it was a ring with a paired app. I thought it was a marketplace at first with all the copy (talking about fashion, tech, etc.), then scrolled and saw the wireframes (so I thought, okay it's an app), and then scrolled further (I would anticipate high user drop-off at this point) and realized it was a ring that tracks your health (I think.) The landing page is rather long and the CTA is only at the top (as far as I recall.) I would consider shortening the information on the landing page so it's digestable for users and visitors. So for that, I would suggest just the product and maybe the app (possibly a highlight feature reel), two short sentences describing the product and it's paired app, the USP/benefits of the ring, and just an easy CTA. I would also change the language on the CTA - just write something cleaner, straight to the point, and something that reels you in. Last two things: loading time is too long (takes about 10s + (at least for me)) and when I clicked on "Pre-order soon" I was redirected back to the landing pages. This is such a great idea and I think the store b8ta (https://b8ta.com/) would be all over it. Great job - hope I helped a bit. :)
It's a maybe for me. I've been on the edge for quite a long time, I just wish I had some actual user feedback, it seems so hard to get from anyone who is not a friend or acquaintance. Added a live chat prompt on the homepage, but so far no replies. I just dont want to make the mistake of launching something that others dont consider easy and intuitive to use as I do. This is my project btw
Pavel Dziashchenia
We launched on PH yesterday! We're working on Eatrel. Eatrel is a mobile app that helps people find nearby places where to eat with discount. The product is at early alpha stage, looking forward to hear your opinion and hope to see your email in early access list :)
Jakub Hubisz
Preparing to lunch https://app.teamstic.com. It’s a team composition management tool (with drag and drop). We’re on an early MVP, and we’re hoping to get some managers to use it to validate if it’s of any value to them. The tool is currently free.
Bridgette Bryant, Designer
Launching my cloud-based Pitch Deck Builder for startups who are prepping for investor meetings and need to make their good ideas look great!
Mahasooq AT
Hi Aaron, I am launching Ohm App on PH today with @musavir_uc . Ohm helps you mix your playlist with uniquely crafted soundscapes to make you feel like, you're in the mood you love to be in. We will be really glad to know your thoughts! https://www.producthunt.com/post... Thanks, Mahasooq
Gabriel Birnbaum
@musavir_uc @mahasooq Oh I love this. Probably great for work. Gonna try it tomorrow.
Sonya Eldarova
Hey! We launched our product today and we would love to hear your honest feedback! We are trying to change the way of booking and managing athletic spaces. https://www.producthunt.com/post...
Gabriel Birnbaum
We are launching next week. We are making a tool to make teams smarter by allowing them to easily share knowledge amongst each other. I would love to hear about how you guys further develop yourselves at work, and how you share knowledge. Most of all: what's the hardest part about it. That's our PH page: https://www.producthunt.com/upco...
Andrew Tye
Launching a new app that shows you blindspots in your behavior so you can improve...will soft launch in a day or so, then on PH in a week or two.
Jordan Davis
@awt sounds interesting - how are they identified?
Andrew Tye
@jordandavis thanks! right now by letting your friends/coworkers answer a few questions about you. They provide the feedback anonymously so it's more likely to be completely candid. helps you see what other's really think about your behavior and locate the areas where that is different than what you expect..
Chrissy Cowdrey
Hi all! Ive launched an iOS app designed to let users create custom collages for Instagram carousels. Meet, Stagger. https://www.producthunt.com/post... Not only can you design a collage using images, but you can also use video! When I was traveling earlier this year, I was making these layouts the hard way - in Photoshop. As a product designer, I knew there had to be an easier way. Stagger was born! For all of you iPhone users who are active on Instagram, would love your feedback. Next on deck are templates and the ability to save drafts.
Rich Patton
We are launching tomorrow morning! @moesif is an API analytics SaaS product that provides platform product teams with the insights they need to create great developer experiences. https://www.producthunt.com/upco... Developers can integrate Moesif's SDKs in less than 30 minutes and get real-time API usage data, track developer integration funnels, and retention. Looking forward to hearing what the community thinks!
Rauno Metsa
Planning to launch Remote Work Tools this week, here's the draft: https://www.producthunt.com/post... It's currently scheduled for Friday. Is there a little less competition than on Wed and Thu? 🤔 Oh, does anyone know – when scheduling a launch, there's a placeholder for 06:00 AM. I guess it's better to use 00:00 when setting up the launch, right?
Kevin Castro
I'm launching in an hour!!! :D :D :D