Find special food offers at nearby places.

Eatrel is a mobile app that helps you find nearby places where to eat with discount. Open an app and discover special offers nearby places have: simple percent discounts, sets with special prices, happy hours and so on. Enjoy!
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Hi community! Let me tell you how I got inspired to work on this project. I have several restaurants not far from my home, I walk past them almost every day but i never visited them until one of them posted a banner with special offer they are offering right now. I've decided to visit this one and found it quite nice! Then I opened restaraunts directory to find what is served in other nearby restaraunts. Yes, I didn't even know what is served in all of these restaraunts before this moment! I thought it would be nice to have some app where I could browse special offers of nearby places, see what is included in these offers, discover restaurant menu, rating, reviews. And now I'm here and excited telling you about the project! :) So far, we only work in New York, at this moment most of available offers are Happy Hour offers, but we're actively working with restaurants about other offer types. Currently the app is at early alpha stage and available for very few alpha-testers. If you are interested in beigh one of them, please fill free to fill form on our site or write me directly here! Also i'm happy to answer any questions. I'd appreciate any feedback. Thank you!
Who is your closest competitor? Because you seem to have quite a few (even Yelp), as long as they have geo-location feature.
Hi @siongyew! We don't consider Yelp as our competitor, Yelp is just a directory, we focus on special offers, yelp doesn't do that. On yelp you can find if there is Happy Hour in restaurant (just yes or no) but you can't find an offer details, for example, what's included in the offer. We also have some other types of offers, not only happy hours, for example some sets(combos) that are available only limited time. We even consume Yelp API to get some restaurants' info. Our biggest competitor is Groupon.
@siongyew Look forward to see your email in our early access list :)
Hey PH! We're live! We've launched the first version of our Eatrel app with Happy Hours for New York. Download links have been added! Google Play: App Store: