Fabio FeubliChief Digital Officer

Which app is best for organzining daily business?

Hello everyone I am looking for a tool to organize, discuss and track the daily work of my team and align it with the annual goals. So far I only found tools for agencies or projects, but not for internal teams. What tools would you recommend? Thanks for your tips.
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    Roger LuProduct Manager at TripAdvisor · Written
    We've had a lot of luck with Taskade for managing our daily processes and meeting stand-ups.
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    Powering millions of teams to work smarter, together.

    Thomas DIDIER7Head of Marketing · Written
    As flexible&powerful as needed to manage your business regarding your internal organisation.
    Larisa DeacUX/UI Designer · Written
    This is my favorite one too. Works like a digital Kanban board :)
    Lorenzo FioriMarketing&SM Manager at Nanosystems · Written
    Clearly the best powerful, useful, complete and nicest tool ;)
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    The project management tool that grows with you

    Organize anything you want in which way you want. You can set up different teams and include just the team member, assign tasks, communicate and switch views (from list to kanban, table, mind map or calendar). With filters, you can only show specific tasks. It doesn´t matter what you need to organize, Zenkit can do it.
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    Flow-e 2.0

    Turn your Gmail & Outlook into Trello-like task lists 💌

    Mila Chervenkova💪 made this product
    You can definitely try out Flow-e, it is а beautiful tool with simple and clean UI. Probably the only drawback is that (currently!) it is not entirely built for team collaboration (for example no shared boards). But if each team member has a Flow-e account, you can use the delegation feature efficiently. I would be happy to help with further information.
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    Notion 2.0

    The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

    Rob HardyWriter, Filmmaker, Company of One · Written
    Notion is the bee's knees. It's where my entire business lives, and it's replaced quite a few other tools, including Trello and Google Docs. Can't recommend it highly enough.
    Trello + Dropbox Paper = Notion
    Ricardo AlaminoFront-end Developer · Written
    I've been using for weeks. It totally replaced all other organizers. I call it a Wiki/Trello/Todoist improved. This is not only for a daily organization but for a life-all organized experience.
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    Notes, tasks, and messaging in a unified collaboration space

    Pawel SwiatekCo-Founder, Mazey · Edited
    Pawel Swiatek made this product
    @fabiofeubli - I am one of the makers of Mazey (www.mazey.co). We built it exactly with your use case in mind. I'd love to know how close we come to meeting your requirements - and what we might be missing. We listed on PH not too long ago (https://www.producthunt.com/post...), if you want to get a little more detail. In addition to the mobile apps listed, we have an alpha version of our web client at web.mazey.co, in case that's helpful. Looking forward to your feedback. -pawel
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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    VeronicaDesign, Tech, Travel, Dive, Auroras. · Written
    The most powerful in my opinion
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    Integrated right into Gmail , less expensive for small groups though cost grows as your group grows. Plus: - Inexpensive to get started - Integrates to Gmail - Very powerful and scaleable Cons: - iOS and Android mobile apps more awkward to become accustomed to - Some aspects such as sharing files via Google Drive are best (only?) used with others on your G-Suite
    Ben Sampson 🔥Full-stack dev | founder of Rewardist · Written
    Beautiful UI, more flexible than Trello, well maintained, clean and crisp UI
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    Beautiful project & task management for teams

    Alex Slade4Product & Technology consultant · Written
    I've used Flow for 3 years, across two different startups. It's awesome. It organises via "projects", we use the Kanban view for development projects (to get todo - in progress - etc), and the normal list views for all other tasks.
    We use Flow for both the creative services side of Ghostit and the software platform and it has been awesome. The UI is insanely beautiful and making sure our team is all on the same page is a breeze through flow. We have tried other project management tools in the past and Flow is by far our favorite. 11/10 would recommend.
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    Keeps people on the same page

    Damian NurzyńskiCEO | Founder @ timenotes.io · Written
    Basecamp is made exactly to organize your daily business and collaborate, for sure worth to try.
    This is what my office uses to stay on-top of things!
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    Lean project management for startups & small teams

    Marcel FolaronCEO & Co-founder Leantime.io · Written
    Marcel Folaron made this product
    Allows you to track your business objectives and research, ideas, roadmap and to-dos in one place!
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    If Trello & Google Calendar had a baby.

    TakomborerwaSoftware engineer · Written
    Good for organising daily tasks, setting deadlines and assigning tasks to a calendar, multiple checklists. It does exactly what it says If google calendar and Trello had a baby, its great
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    Be less busy. Real-time messaging, archiving & search.

    Slack has soooooooo many integrations like its so powerful for group work
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    Hans GelokProduct owner Moopmobility.nl · Written
    Easy communication with colleagues and customers
  13. Phố Đồ GỗPhố Đồ Gỗ · Written
    I think Zenkit is right for you.
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    Beautiful project management software for companies

    Tobias HiebCEO, TeamGrid Inc. · Written
    Tobias Hieb made this product
    As the founder of TeamGrid I can recommend our platform, if you like to have more business-related features in your daily project management.
  15. CorpaWhere Work is Mobile · Written
    Creative teams use Corpa to redefine work and workflows. Build, integrate, automate and run processes, workflows, tasks, communication, reports, and dashboards in one mobile app.
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    Your things well-organized. Ready to open with one click.

    Marcin KrzywonosCEO at @Apptorium · Written
    Marcin Krzywonos made this product
    It keeps your resources organised
  17. Yashu MittalFounder & CEO, CodeCarrot · Written
    If you more into coding then organizing your daily issue and updates would be great, it helps you to manage your project directly inside GitHub.
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  18. Roman RoznovskyCo-Founder / Workstreams.ai · Written
    Hi Fabio, as you mentioned discuss and track the daily work and align with annual goals - this is exactly what Workstreams is about. Built on top of Slack platform which takes care of all your communication needs, Workstreams provides a simple way to organize your daily tasks and contribute to your goals. Workstreams bot is integrated directly in your Slack client and also offers KANBAN board for each communication channel. Customize your workflow based on your needs. Freemium tier provides all necessary features to get you up and running. Add integrations, reporting insights, cumulative and burndown charts on top with PRO plan. As all user management is handled within Slack, you never have to worry about new or left users, Workstreams automatically picks up all your team changes.
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    Turn your to-do list into a real work plan

    Bruno Figueiredo made this product
    We built Outplanr also to help us better manage ou team (we started as a design consultancy). I had extensive experience working with large digital agencies and always felt the way they organized work was lacking. With Outplanr you can assign tasks, set an expected duration and then follow the task from start to completion. At the end you get an assessment of how reality matched your expectations, so you can better plan in the future.
    Hi! We designed Outplanr as a tool to help teams better manage their workload. Outplanr bridges the gap between project and resource management, with a Plan calendar where all people and projects come together. You can assign tasks, track their time and check their progress in real time. In the end you get a calendar with all work done, and a ready to export timesheet. Give it a go at www.outplanr.com
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    Compare the top work planning apps by feature and price.

    Fabio FeubliChief Digital Officer · Written
    Plann doesn't cover all the tools you suggested, but it's a great start.