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What's the best password manager for iOS/MacOS?

Looking for a free, or affordable password manager.
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    1Password 7.0 for iOS

    Secure password manager and digital wallet.

    I would go with 1Password, I've tried this and Dashlane and I think this one is better. Not only the UI is cleaner but the integrations work better. I constantly had issues with Dashlane's autocomplete in Safari while this never happened with 1Password.
    Rick Sheahan
    Rick SheahanSoftware Engineer in Seattle. 🐹❤️ · Written
    It just does it all and works exactly how I expect, plus more features.
    Mustafa Yalçın
    Mustafa YalçınProduct manager, Freelance · Written
    I use it for a long time and it's really good. Actually, It's indispensable to me.
    • ᴊᴜʟɪᴇɴ.
      ᴊᴜʟɪᴇɴ.Tech enthusiast, future obsessed.

      1Password plays one of the most important role in protecting your personal informations online... and it does it perfectly well! The iOS app is everything you could ever need in such a service.

    • Matthew Dunn
      Matthew DunnChief Explainer, Say It Visually

      The security model is "we're selling you a vault; you set the combo; we can't open it." (Very Apple-esque.) I sync to 2 IOs devices, 2 Macs and 1 Android tablet via Dropbox. (Agile offers their own sync, with their new subscription model.) Fingerprint unlock on iPhone is fantastic - 1Password is top-right on home screen. Perhaps the best measure - I can't recall a single technical problem with 1P, ever. Rock-solid code.

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    Newly launched Mac OS X integration for password management

    Aswin Bakshi
    Aswin BakshiFounder, Bordo · Written
    Simple and easy to use
    Cecilbuilding cool things at Matter · Written
    Totally agree with ^, LastPass is super intuitive and simple.
    Hitchhiker Guides
    Hitchhiker GuidesFounder, Hitchhiker Guides Travel App · Written
    I've heard very good reviews about this as well. I'm yet to try it though
    • matt kocaj
      matt kocajDev on a mission to work for himself

      It's definitely a leap to use a password manager. Actually it's a pain in the ass. but it's so worth it.

      Passwords aren't going away any time soon so this is the only safe options for the near future. Get onto it.

      If you're having trouble convincing your mainstream friends and family try this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IgCHcuCw_RQ

    • Nick Allen
      Nick AllenHead of Marketing at FileInvite | Kiwi

      LastPass means you never have to use the same password on multiple websites again. Use the handy features to share your passwords with other users and sync your work account so that you can easily onboard team members. User for yeasrs.

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    Best Password Manager & Secure Digital Wallet.

    they provide a free plan and a pro plan with a reasonable cost: https://www.dashlane.com/plans
    IGNACIOI do things on Internet. Santiago, Chile · Written
    Best password manager ever (;
    Stefano Bourscheid
    Stefano BourscheidFull-stack dev @8fit · Written
    great UI, their chrome extension work really really well on capturing password and auto filling forms
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    Secrets 2

    Simple, secure password manager for Mac and iOS

    João Alfaiate
    João AlfaiateProduct designer at Enough Pepper · Written
    Secrets is simple, secure and affordable. Available for Mac and iOS.
    Simple and very secure approach to password manager. Bonus points for blogging about nitpicky details, integrations and security approaches.
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    A free, open source, and cross platform password manager.

    Free, open source, cross-platform and self-hosted (optional)!
    • This is the best password manager you can get..... It is open source, end-to-end aes-256 encryption. You can self-host the app for 10$/Annualy. Available for Linux/Windows/MacOS, Android/IOS, Google Chrome/Firefox/Brave/Vivaldi/Opera/Safari/Microsoft Edge/Tor/. You can access it via Web and you can use CLI.

    • Kyle P Chadwick
      Kyle P ChadwickEngineer, motion analysis and AR

      works so seamlessly, I forget to appreciate how good it is!

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    Passwords management tool brought by TunnelBear team.

    philipptemmel✌🏼Founder @dyfemagazine | Design Student · Written
    Came across a lot of different password managers, but I stuck to RememBear. It works on every system I use, it is fast and the UI is just beautiful.
    AngieFounder of YourApparel · Written
    You can use it for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. You can also add extensions for Chrome and Safari.
    • Marcus Osobase
      Marcus OsobasemacOS / iOS developer

      RememBear is an excellent product from a trustworthy company. It's targeted at everyone who owns a computer or smartphone making it extremely easy to use while promoting and support the need for online security.

    • Overall a great start but lacks functionality requires to take on competion in a already densely populated market.

  7. Ammar Alakkad
    Ammar AlakkadWeb Developer, frontend/backend. · Written
    Free with no hidden charges, no subscription fee. along with browsers extensions. Syncs wherever you want.
    The best one I've used yet. Tried almost every other manager, but still stick to Enpass
  8. Jim Zhou
    Jim Zhousemi-professional bingoist · Written
    Cross platform, self-"hosted", tons of plugins, open source, what's not to love?
  9. Yury Molodtsov
    Yury MolodtsovDay One Ventures · Written
    I don't see any need in paid apps as long as I have this on all of my devices.
    Tayo Ademolu
    Tayo AdemoluRelentless Tinkerer · Written
    If you only use MacOS & iOS devices, then this works perfectly.
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    Myki Authenticator

    Login to any account on any device with your fingerprint

    Antonio Dimas
    Antonio DimasCEO & E-commerce Entrepreneur · Written
    Ever since I made the switch to Myki password manager and authenticator I've never looked back -- also all basic features are free and no subscriptions. I was a fan of 1Password (and tried all others too) ever since it became integrated into iOS, but I never felt like it convinced me enough. I highly recommend Myki to anyone -- it offers local password storage rather than in the cloud, browser extensions, autofill, 2FA, cards, notes, etc and all dark mode which looks solid on my iPhone X. I'm not a sponsor nor work for the company, I just really love this app lol
    • Nick Neuman
      Nick NeumanProduct at Casa

      I have been using Myki for ~6 months now. Myki is an excellent password app that has all the major features of the more popular apps with one big added bonus - it's essentially 2 factor authentication for all of your stored passwords, because you must have your phone with you to fill passwords on your computer (more on this later).

      Here's a quickie on how Myki works: You're using your laptop. You navigate to a website and need to fill in your password. A Myki prompt pops up, you click it, and then a notification shows on your phone to grant access. Tap "Grant" on your phone, use your fingerprint to authorize, and you're done! Myki fills the password on your computer.

      I've used 1Password for a long time now and generally think they are the best of the "big" password managers. However, I don't like the idea that if anyone stole my computer, they could try to guess my master password and then have access to all of my sensitive data. With Myki, they would need my computer AND my phone. You cannot get Myki to fill a password just from the Chrome extension, like 1Password, you always have to authenticate on your phone.

      Myki also stores passwords locally, which is a big plus for those of us worried about cloud hacks.

      We all know we have a big weakness in passwords. Randomly generated passwords via 1Password are great and help make our accounts more secure, but you still have to come up with a master password that you easily remember & type, which means it's likely that the password you need to be MOST SECURE is the EASIEST to guess! D'oh! Myki eliminates that inherent conflict by using your fingerprint as the passcode.

      On a final note, there are a few bugs in Myki since it's so new. But I keep an eye on the release notes, and they've been frequently knocking out bugs and improving the app. I run 1Password alongside it right now for convenience, but eventually once Myki has really built out its platform, I plan to fully switch over. I'd highly recommend you check this out, especially if you're a cyber-security freak like myself (which, who shouldn't be lately- gotta hodl those bubbly bitcoins).

    • Myki has become an indispensable tool in my day-to-day life. Now with the credit card integration i'm also using myki during my online shopping. Can't wait to see what's yet to come.

  11. Julien Liabeuf
    Julien LiabeufHead of Product, Nimbl3 · Written
    MacPass is open-source, it supports KeePass files, and it's very much based on the "stock" MacOS UI.
    Been using this for a year or so
  12. Right now you can get a the features which you normally pay for on the other PW managers for free on Pcrypt.com Its really cool for personal use, but has some awesome sharing features. On Pcrypt.com you can also see a comparison sheet. https://pcrypt.com/why-choose-pa... another cool things is that the source code has been reviewed by a 3rd part security institution, so its safe and secure.
  13. VIP is a pro password manager to secure your accounts and passwords. It can autofill passwords in sites and apps on phones, tablets, and PC. Only you can open VIP with a password or fingerprint. Password keeper Best free app to keep your accounts and passwords safe. All information is encrypted and protected by a local master password. Only you know it and have the authentication. VIP also supports fingerprint. Auto Filler When you open sites and apps on the phone, e.g. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Gmail, YouTube, accounts, and passwords will be auto-filled, you can log in with one tap. On the PC, you can use VIP browser extensions to auto-fill accounts and passwords. No need to input by yourself. Password generator If your old password is short and simple, you can create an extra strong password with VIP. Enhance security for your accounts. Card and files vault Too many credit card and licenses? Let VIP help to manage them. Scan the credits cards to quickly save its number, name and valid date. Save your ID card, driver license, passport etc. You can keep your things in VIP. It can be safe and organized. Save accounts and passwords in VIP, your data will be secured and organized, you can get and use them easily at all time. Meanwhile, relax your brain!
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    Avast Passwords for Mac

    Free password manager from Avast

    Florian Karmen
    Florian KarmenSEO Consultant in Strasbourg · Written
    Password management by Avast!
  15. Pradeep Sharma
    Pradeep SharmaSerial techpreneur, developer, reader · Written
    Pradeep Sharma made this product
    If you really care about security and privacy "Never use cloud based password managers" Alternative is this simple open source CLI tool. It securely stores password and other sensitive text locally
  16. Works on all platform, one-time payment, self host on Google Drive, Dropbox, etc or on device.