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William FalloonInteractive emerging tech and media

Whats the best app for discovering cool places in a foreign city?

I'm off to Rome next week, I want to find an app with guides on how to see a city in a few days. Walking tours would be ideal!
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    Foursquare 11

    Find the best places everywhere, every time with place pages

    Haven't tried the new version, but it's Foursquare, so, there you go :)
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    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic Β· Written
    Foursquare is the best place discovery app yet. On par with Google Maps and works really well.
    Foursquare is what locals actually use and rate on. Plus, it's so detail-oriented. Not just generic people complaining about a server at their mother's birthday party. Actually good tips about individual dishes, where to sit, and more.
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    Google Trips

    Exploring the world with all your travel info in one place

    It's really good!
    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic Β· Written
    I used Google Trips when I was back in Japan and found it very useful in every way. A really good app!
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    Google Maps 4.0

    New material design brings bold graphics and fluid motion

    Ben Razuseful web apps lover Β· Written
    i trust it huge shared database + reviews and photos of places
    Ben Razuseful web apps lover Β· Written
    i trust it huge shared database + reviews and photos of places
    Harrison MaloneStudent @ Le Wagon Β· Written
    The reason why I need data in a foreign city is to have access to Google Maps πŸ—Ί especially useful for finding quality food once you know you're in a cool neighbourhood
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    Google Maps Timeline

    Rediscover all places you've been by exploring your timeline

    Tweegenic1Noble Investor Β· Written
    best and easy to use.
  5. Harold CummingtonProduct Manager at Slark Β· Written
    Yelp has discovery tools for finding cool places and also seeing reviews for those places.
  6. 2
    Guides by Lonely Planet

    Explore city guides curated by experts.

    Guillaume BroderMobile Developer Β· Written
    A really great app with nice guides and all the best places to see. You an also download the guide to read offline which can be really helpful.
  7. Michael DengCurrently working on something new Β· Written
    Not the sexiest app, but essential.
  8. 2
    Eightydays.me BETA

    A site that plans your multi-city travel in a few clicks

    Aleh TsikhanauProduct designer & entrepreneur Β· Written
    Aleh Tsikhanau made this product
    Creates multi-city trips
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    Pokemon GO

    Augmented reality Pokemon-catching game

    Harold CummingtonProduct Manager at Slark Β· Written
    Pokestops and Gyms are crowdsourced based on places that people find interesting. Plus you get to catch Pokemon while you're at it. Why bother looking at old buildings when you can capture virtual battling monsters? But all jokes aside, it's actually surprising how good of a discovery tool this is (specifically for little things like murals, cool buildings, etc probably the kinds of things you wouldn't find in a tourist guide).
  10. Jack VapiCurious software engineer. Β· Written
    Jack Vapi made this product
    If you take into account prices, then PlacesToVisit is handy. It is an overview of places in a city with prices and other details. (Disclaimer: I am working on it, feedback is appreciated)
  11. 1

    Find, join and create activities near you.

    Yonas AlizadehFounder & CEO at Hellow Β· Written
    Yonas Alizadeh made this product
    Instead of looking up places online, then why not use the local people to show you the places?
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    "I never knew that was going on right near me, in my town"

    Jay ScottFounding Member of the Growth Angel Coop Β· Written
    Jay Scott made this product
    You seen and used this?
  13. 1

    Crowdsourced neighborhood πŸ—Ί maps to navigate a city πŸ’«

    alex@lastminutelaura.caNot a Software Engineer Β· Written
    Crowdsourced... what else do you need (:
  14. 1
    Instagram 8

    A new look for Instagram

    Mark ColganB2B SaaS Marketer - Marketing Automation Β· Written
    Search for the hashtag of the city you are visiting. I did this in pretty much every country when I was travelling and found some really cool places that the "locals" we're visiting. One of my highlights was ending up at a jazz night in Argentina (and I was the only non-Argentinian there). Plus, people only tend to post the best of / show off worthy photos on Instagram.
  15. 1

    Discover the best places according to your friends & experts

    Josh IndigCo-Founder, NewReality.io Β· Written
    Spot is great for the long-tail for cool places in a new city.
  16. If you want to explore Cape Town, there isn't a better database.
  17. 1

    Make, share and discover unique travel itineraries

    Adrian Craigco-founder, CEO of Llama Β· Written
    My team and I created Llama because we were largely dissatisfied with the current options out there. It's a platform for travelers to make lists of things to do on their trips which, if public, are discoverable by other travelers on Llama. It also has google-docs style collaboration for making lists together. Look for Llama on PH tomorrow!
  18. Carlos CervantesCarlos Cervantes is a Dev @PillowHomes Β· Written
    I love the UI of the Trip.com app. They not only show the most popular things to do in any city including your home city, but also the best local events each week.
  19. Drew MeyersFounder, Geek Estate Β· Written
    Specialized walking tours all over the globe..
  20. 9

    Meet fun people based on activities & discover events!

    Elizabeth BethUnilever Marketing Β· Written
    Love this app!! Very cool
    I disocevered a workout class on the app that is amazing
    Sama JashnaniCo-Founder, DownToDash Β· Written
    Sama Jashnani made this product
    Discover events & classes and people around to go for the events with!!