Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer

Which is the best outliner? Or best app for making lists?

Looking for the easiest way to organize huge quantities of data in hierarchy levels, like lists inside lists inside lists…
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    Taskade 2.0

    Team tasks, notes, and chat, in one unified workspace. 🧠✍️✅

    John XieSimplicity is the key to brilliance. · Written
    John Xie made this product
    Taskade is a collaborative productivity tool to make structured lists of things. It's like a todo list, but much smarter. Create tasks, outlines, notes, kanban boards, and mind maps in hierarchical list format. We created Taskade to be as flexible as possible, without compromising on functionalities and ease of use.
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    Turn your entire life into a list.

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Edited
    The old and classic WF, maybe the father of them all. So minimal yet so powerful. Even though a bit outdated since it's not been improved or iterated since so many years. Anyway, don't think WF needs much of an introduction to Product Hunters.
    This is like the best ever. It should not be so awesome - basically indent and outdent a list - but it just works.
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    John AbabsehEpiphany Enthusiast · Written
    Todoist is a great app for structuring lists and categorizing
    This is a good task list maker. But, not very useful for outlining articles or projects. I have used this in conjunction with Workflowy and it works great - using one for quick outlining, and the other for tracking completion.
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    Ridiculously simple, incredibly powerful organization

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    In the old days I found to be a more modern and nicer version of WorkFlowy but now it turned out to be most focused on being more an email manager than an outliner.
    Kyle ConarroCo-Founder @ Ad Reform / Userfeed · Written ties into email, but it also has outlining (similar to WorkFlowy) to make it easy to get your lists down and organized. Very useful for day-to-day task management.
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    A web app for structuring your thoughts into lists

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Dynalist has more options than WorkFlowy and it is constantly developing while WF seems to be abandoned and hasn't been updated in years. The drawback of Dynalist is it's ever sloppy and ugly UI.
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    Alec FokapuBuild stuff: Fintech · Written
    A ton of features, flexible and easy to start with. It also run on linux on top of other OS
    It has tons of features-many useful ones missing from Workflowy (like sorting, due date, checklist, etc.). The UI has become better than Workflowy.
  6. Nils JanseFounder of Delibr · Written
    Nils Janse made this product
    If you are a product manager, check our Delibr! It is an outliner especially made with product managers in mind. It has a Jira integration that allows you to do feature discovery in an outliner document, write user stories as bullets with more details as sub-bullets, and then select them all and batch-add them as Jira issues. Within Jira, the relevant part of the document will then by synced and visible via a Jira plugin. It also has the normal outliner features like zoom and expland/collapse, as well as collaborative features like comments and also a neat way to facilitate the decision-making that happens as a feature is in discovery/grooming.
    Farid BonawiedeCo founder at Delibr · Written
    Farid Bonawiede made this product
    It is awesome! I no longer use Workflowy.
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    Airtable 2.0

    Beyond the spreadsheet

    Melissa Joy KongOn Deck, Marketing & Communications · Written
    I just started using it to organize a large spreadsheet of Product Hunt data. It still has some limitations (for instance, you can't widen row heights on a spreadsheet), but it's a great tool for organizing data with multiple tags/hierarchy levels.
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    Thought Plan

    Super convenient tool to write down your thoughts & ideas

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Not such great for hierarchies inside hierarchies but great for making simple lists and other management tasks.
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    A clear way to share your mind flow

    David Adamudesigner of the future 🦄✨ · Written
    This mostly has the structure of a Mind Map, but you might find it useful.
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    OmniOutliner 5

    Create, collect, and organize information and ideas

    Mike WayIOS, OS X and Web developer, consultant · Written
    I have used this literally for years, especially for documents. Also for laying out software ideas.
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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    Patrick CoombeCEO, Elite Strategies Llc · Written
    I'm a huge fan of Google Keep for lists. I use it for literally everything now, including content creation, to-do's, notes, ideas, reminders, TV show recommendations, birthdays, and everything in between. :-)
  12. 2 3.0

    Organize all aspects of your life with

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Really beautiful UI, a useful task manager with minimal design.
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    Awesome knowledge management for teams from your GDrive 🤓

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    It also has the ability to share your outlines into public boards. And lets you see the outlines other people made to organize their knowledge.
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    Only one tap transforms a note to mind map

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Great if you also want to see your outlined data as a mindmap
  15. 2 4.0

    Markdown + Outliner + Email + Tasks + Calendar

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Great outliner with the nicest UX
  16. Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    The fastest and simpler of them all.
  17. Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Kind of simpler less overengineered Todoist.
    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Organize your tasks, lists and reminders in one easy to-do app. syncs seamlessly across all of your devices, making your to-do list accessible everywhere.
  18. Free, Unlimited to do lists and tasks, due date reminder, categories, cloud synced. All your needs in one app :)
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    Powerful outlining app that will make your writing happy

    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    For Mac and iOS
  20. Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    The interface is very no fuss no bother. Just click, something happens, it's what you wanted and you're done. The power is in the shortcut keys.
    Max Yakin BozekArtist & Designer · Written
    Useful for publicly publishing the notes you want to openly share. Also, it's useful that you can completely separate content in different documents so the searches are more specific.