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What's a dead-cheap hosting solution that doesn't suck?

I'm putting together my personal portfolio page, just a simple website with links. I just need a super cheap hosting that doesn't suck.
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  1. Thorir RunarssonFounder: Shapesbysons & · Written
    Affordable and fantastic customer support!
    the best one I have used, my opinion
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    Simple, scalable cloud computing platform

    Dmitriy LevchenkoMaking things at · Written
    Cheap and stable servers(droplets), simple interface, really love it
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    Github Pages

    Every Github repo has a secret free website.

    Guillaume Flandre🛠 Software engineer ➕ 📸 Photographer · Written
    The hack I used on my photo portfolio is to use Github Pages. This lets you create static websites hosted for free if you're fine having your code open to the world. You'd need to be a bit tech savvy in order to make it work though. If you're willing to code a little bit, then pair this to Jekyll and you have an auto-generated website :)
  4. JoshiWorld towards Cloud Computing! · Written
    Its the Cheapest and most Reliable Cloud Hosting Provider. Prices are just starting at $1.99/Month
    F(x) Data CloudCost-competitive Cloud Hosting Services · Written
    F(x) Data Cloud made this product
    Cheapest with high Uptime(99.95%) and SSD Custom Storage
    Piyush SonaniChief Technology Officer · Written
    Already Hosting my website on their servers.
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    Firebase Hosting

    Production-grade Hosting for Developers

    Justin LamPM@MSFT - Bottle Flip 2k16 Creator · Written
    Free static web hosting that is super simple to use. I have minimal experience with web development and managed to get my site up in under a half hour.