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Which is your preferred hosting service?

I am researching the best hosting service for a website. What is your preferred one and why?
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    Simple, scalable cloud computing platform

    Josh DayCofounder @ wayfx · Written
    Digital Ocean + Cloudways + Cloudflare
    Jacob HobbieSoftware Developer/Philosopher · Written
    This is my current host, and the amount of power that you get is crazy, yet there is still an amazing amount of help that you get through the online tutorials as well. The price is good too!
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    Google Cloud Platform

    Try now with $300 free credit!

    Arnav JhunjhunwalaKeep on creating. Keep on Inventing. · Written
    Quite a well customizable platform. An option to definitely explore.
    Val KlumpUX Writer, San Francisco · Written
    You never have to worry about scaling if you use Google. It works for people building a personal website all the way up to Snapchat-scale applications.
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    App success made simple by google

    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I used to use eApps for most of my hosting (still a good service with fast support), but now write apps and design websites that I deploy to Firebase. Free https and you can redirect to your own domain. Starts for free.
    Okoroafor ChukwuemekaWeb Developer, Gerocare Solutions · Written
    Its Real-Time is SUPERB!!
  4. AWS is easy, cheap, and reliably runs the majority of the web. If you can get over the technical bits it's a great way to host any website, app, or database. Plus, for some of the products, you get your first year free. S3 is the product you'd use to host a static website. I personally use it for my portfolio site and since it's pure hosting you can really add whatever you want with html to it however you'd like.
  5. Brandon BayerCreator of Blitz.js | CEO Flightcontrol · Written
    EASY, BEAUTIFUL, SIMPLE! Deploy & host JavaScript, Docker, or static projects with one terminal command. Zeit (the maker), is like the Apple of DevOps and developer tools.
    If you make static PWAs or node apps, the joy of using Now is insane. It's so straightforward and easy – all you need to care about is the app itself and not the deploy stuff
  6. JasonDirector of Product Design at Foundry · Written
    Join the static website revolution. Now with more CMS.
  7. David CrowtherI help convert more browsers into buyers · Written
    Rock solid hosting. Main competitor to Digital Ocean I feel.
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    Cloud application platform

    AyrtonUsed to build Product Hunt. · Written
    If you're not really interested in doing your own server management / devops I highly recommend using a platform such as Heroku. I've been using it for my pet projects, since I started programming many years ago, and it's just super straight forward.
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  9. Patrick LoonstraDesigner at patrickloonstra.nl · Written
    Very stable hosting with servers all over the world. Where a lot only have US servers, they have also some in Amsterdam, which is kind of nice for us european.
  10. Namecheap is my favorite. If you're looking for something simple for your websites, it's perfect. For a bigger project, might not be best though. Also their support is fantastic.
  11. JoshiWorld towards Cloud Computing! · Edited
    I prefer it because of their Cost-efficient services, given High uptime, Money back guarantee and custom SSD Storage with best customer support.
    F(x) Data CloudCost-competitive Cloud Hosting Services · Written
    F(x) Data Cloud made this product
    You get Scale Up and Scale Up option for high traffic with cheapest plans
    Piyush SonaniChief Technology Officer · Written
    I have already deployed my website on their servers, I find their Service quite cheapest. I appreciate their technical support.
  12. GaneshThandapaniSoftware Developer, MaaxMarket · Written
    Easy to use. To my aspects its fast.
  13. Good prices, great UI (similar to Digital Ocean), I can use rancher to setup boxes automatically
  14. dimitar inchevTeam Coworkies & StartupBerlin.co · Written
    Just found out this hosting service by Amazon. It seems to be alternative to Digital Ocean.
  15. AlexisExperience Designer · Written
    They have a beautiful customer facing website. Good prices. Great UI. And a wonderful customer support.
  16. Prashant PillaiMusic, Creativity & Tech · Written
    WPX Hosting is known for its dedicated WordPress hosting and for its world's best customer support team. An underground, underdog hosting provider with the best in class features or hosting your website.
  17. Juho SAll great roads go through PH · Written
    Their shared lite package with unlimited sites and storage highly cost effective and they don't waste money on print ads like hostgator/1&1, so money is spent on quality