Kate Makovskaya
Kate MakovskayaHead of Marketing at Hygger.io

What resources will you recommend to gain maximum attraction to beta-version of the product?

We have just opened registration to the beta-version of our Saas product (it's a full stack project management system for tech companies). And it also has iOS and Android versions. We collected a few resources: http://www.launchingnext.com/ https://betapage.co/ https://betalist.com/ reddit.com/r/startups and others https://www.killerstartups.com https://www.betabound.com/ http://signupfirst.com/ So maybe you know more :) Would love to hear and test your suggestions. Thank you in advance.
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  1. Nicolaj Højer
    Nicolaj HøjerInvestor + entrepreneur => Author · Written
    I know, old-fashioned - but for the initial traction nothing beats communication with your existing personal network, and Linkedin is the tool where they all are