Lukasz Konofalski
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What is the best free visual sitemap tool?

I'm looking for an easy to use tool by someone with no graphic designer skills to create a simple visual sitemap of a website
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    Autogenerate visual sitemaps in seconds.

    Artur Maklyarevsky
    Artur MaklyarevskyVisualSitemaps / Design2Dev / · Edited
    Artur Maklyarevsky made this product We are the ONLY platform that autogenerates beautiful VISUAL architecture of any PUBLIC or PRIVATE website or web-app. What you to take you 10hrs to manually great an accurate 500-page site map, will now take .. 10 minutes 😱 Notable Features: 💥Export Sitemaps as PDF and Import into Sketch or AI for 1000% customization. 💥Advanced Filtering 💥Unlimited Teams 💥Publicly Share Maps 💥Affordable Pricing starts at $19/m 💥Always Free Plans ( 50-pages ) 👀View All Our How-To Videos: DEMO [ Public Sites ] ☞ DEMO [ Private Web-Apps ] ☞
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    UX planning tool for creating a visual sitemap

    Andrey Severin made this product
    FlowMapp is very effective for planning websites architecture and it allows all the participants in the process to cooperate with each other, which makes the workflow easier and more comfortable.
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    Create detailed visual sitemaps and get estimates

    Ravi Mevcha
    Ravi MevchaProduct Manager and Startup Guy · Written
    Very neat and clean design, super simple to use. Ability to define block structure within page is very unique
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    Create and share mind maps on mobile devices or the web

    Igor Debatur
    Igor DebaturCo-founder and CEO of Uploadcare · Written
    Used MindMeister a lot for many different tasks, including sitemaps. Clean UX, costs nothing if you use it alone
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    Visual Sitemap Creator and Content Planner

    I believe they offer free version as long as it is limited to one site map (or at least a free trial)
    Konrad Gonera
    Konrad GoneraCustomer Support at Awmous · Written
    Slickplan is the best tool to create elegant and professional sitemaps. Thanks to its simple and intuitive interface you can create sitemaps from scratch or import and reorganize a sitemap from existing website using our site crawler. Google Analytics integration gives you the ability to display advanced metrics so you can choose how to best redesign or reorganize your website. In the sitemap projects you can also create mind maps and flow charts in real-time with your teammates. The diagrams can be created as a standalone, shareable projects as well. During the 30 Day Free Trial Slickplan is fully functional, so our users can check every feature the app has to offer.
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    Creately 3.0

    The simplest way to visualize ideas, plans & processes

    Chandika Jayasundara
    Chandika JayasundaraCo-Founder & CEO , Creately · Written
    Creately has dedicated templates and shapes for sitemaps. Super flexible and easy for you to quickly get started.
    Nishadha Silva
    Nishadha SilvaMarketer at Creately · Written
    You can draw sitemaps using the free plan, plus you can add links to objects too. Disclaimer: I work for Cinergix, creators of Creately.
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    SimpleMind MindMap
    John Koch
    John KochFiercely Pursue Your Purpose · Written
    Mind mapping is just soo much more beautiful than traditional sitemaps :)
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    XMind for Mobile

    Mobile brainstorming and mind-mapping

    Harry Kaczka
    Harry KaczkaPro Poker Player, Coach, Human Sponge · Written
    Ok I checked I don't think there's a site map template in realtimeboard which is actually a crying shame. Here's XMind though, It's $99 vs. all the free options out there but I love it. And you'll probably love it too given your predicament because you can type up whatever you want in the Brainstorm or Ideate button then drag it over to the mind map one at a time. The software basically does the rest.
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    Turn your entire life into a list.

    Abhilash Jain
    Abhilash JainCustomer Success / Growth · Written
    This will help in jotting down points. Simple to use and highly effective,
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    RealtimeBoard 2.0 (Miro since 2019)

    Web-based whiteboarding & team collaboration tool

    Harry Kaczka
    Harry KaczkaPro Poker Player, Coach, Human Sponge · Written
    Is downright dirty-versatile and comes with alll the templates. I can't remember if there is a site map board or not right now but great product regardless.
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    DYNO Mapper
    Garenne Bigby
    Garenne BigbyFounder & CEO, DYNO Mapper · Written
    DYNO Mapper is a discovery, planning, and optimization tool for websites and online applications. Create visual sitemaps with content inventory, audit and analytics. It's powerful web crawler that can authenticate for accurate results and display 5 editable sitemap styles.
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    Free online diagramming tool for developers

    Vladimír Seman
    Vladimír SemanI work at e-commerce · Written
    Vladimír Seman made this product
    You can use Gleek diagram maker to make a simple visual sitemap of a website.