Allen ChanCurioust and a maker/designer

What's a good app to get simple help from people around you?

i.e quick user testing, beta test, general questions, help lift a table, change for $20...etc
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    Now on-demand service for cleaning, handiwork, & errands

    Mike CoutermarshEngineer @ PlanetScale · Written
    I've used TaskRabbit several times and it's always worked out really well. The use cases on your question are really varied though :). You can't use TaskRabbit for general questions... or getting change :D
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    TaskRabbit for Generation Z

    Justin MitchellFounder & CEO @ Yac · Written
    Just came across this. Looks hip. Give it a shot!
    Allen ChanCurioust and a maker/designer · Written
    oooo nice website but the sign up doesn't work 😂cant even try it dammit
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    Marketplace: A new way to hire local services

    This is also a good alternative to TaskRabbit.