Sameer Sontakey
Sameer SontakeyCEO / Founder at Biostrap

What free tools do you recommend to monitor what the web says about your brand?

There seems to be a myriad of paid services, but hard to find any free tools to do this.
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    Keep track of your brand online.

    Jakub Rogalski
    Jakub Rogalski39Community Manager at Brand24 · Written
    I feel like free tools tend to lack in certain areas when compared to the paid ones. Even the paid ones are not perfect and will not guarantee a 100% coverage, let alone those that are free. People have already provided some quality recommendations, and I am sure at least a couple of them isn't free or offer limited free components of their services. I am being biased while recommending Brand24 but with a free trial you could see for yourself if paid solutions have enough advantages over the free ones.
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      Brand24 is a great app, especially if you're a business prone to any type of social media critics (like every type of business, nowadays?). It's just a much better way to know what people are saying about your brand then searching it through Google.

    • Mateusz Kurleto
      Mateusz KurletoTech entrepreneur and investor @Neoteric

      A great tool that helps me understand where and how people discuss certain topics like "Alternative to [MyCompetitorName]", "How to [Solve the problem I sell a solution to]" so I can engage personally and try to convert.

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    Talkwalker Alerts

    Better than Google Alerts

    FranzTalkwalker · Written
    Franz made this product
    Talkwalker Alerts is the best free and easy alternative to Google Alerts. Talkwalker Alerts monitors the Web for interesting new content about your name, brand, competitors, events or any favorite topic! Talkwalker Alerts brings every single mention of your brand across the internet: - from websites, - blogs, - forums - and even Twitter => to your inbox in one email. Enjoy!
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    Tanvee Gupta
    Tanvee GuptaDemand Generation Lead, Talkwalker · Written
    Tanvee Gupta made this product
    It's simple and easy and gives you alerts straight in your inbox. Its 100% Free and you can choose how often you want the emails. The alerts come from across the web as well as Twitter.
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    • Richard Sunley
      Richard SunleyWork in Communications and Marketing

      I think it's a great way for communications professionals in particular to keep track of what's being said about their brand online. It also gives you a great indication of just how successful a campaign has been!

    • Adel de Meyer
      Adel de MeyerNew Media Specialist, Author and Mentor

      Been using these alerts for years, much better than Google alerts. The new Twitter added alerts are useful, I get a daily summary of my most important mentions which is nice. Talkwalker alerts is great for a free service, highly recommend you use it for your brand or business.

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    Better Google alerts.

    Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9Keeping remote teams in sync @ Yac.Chat · Written
    Mention has a free tier and it's amazingly useful
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    Kumar Arayan
    Kumar ArayanCo Founder, AHA Taxis · Written
    This is Free, Simple and easy to use and sends all mentions to your mail box
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    Google Alerts

    Monitor the web for interesting new content (redesigned)

    Stefan Rasmussen
    Stefan RasmussenFounder & developer at · Written
    Obvious choice! :) Wish it could agregate and analyse as well though.
    Carla Frayman
    Carla FraymanCo Founder, Knock Knock City · Written
    Very easy tool to use!
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    Create a custom Twitter experience.

    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush Mittal28bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
    Monitor multiple timelines and alerts, add team members to help manage your accounts, and schedule updates.
  6. I've had trouble with google alerts for several years (they bypass my inbox and are automatically being deleted), so I use Talkwalker instead. It's a bit "old school" but does the job well.
  7. Vasile Stoica
    Vasile StoicaInfluential Marketing Professional · Written
    It's a social media management platform that is easy to use and has a lot of features in helping you out monitor / listening your brand echo on the web environment.
  8. Paul Gordon
    Paul GordonFounder @ · Written
    Does not track mentions yet .. but allows you to monitor 100's of places your business is listed online and helps you to manage your ratings, reviews and a lot more from one place and get notified when anything changes (eg you have a new review or a rating has changed somewhere )