Niv DrorVC at Shrug Capital

What's the best tool for listening to articles?

Medium just launched audio stories, which seems like a cool feature! But it's a members-only feature. There are alternatives out there... what's your favorite?
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    Play (for Medium)

    Listen to Medium Stories with a Chrome Extension

    Niv Dror15VC at Shrug Capital Β· Written
    This seems like a very popular Chrome extension for listening to articles. Did well in the Product Hunt launch 😊
    Kunal Bhatia52Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp Β· Written
    I use for providing audio for my Medium readers. They are robotic voices, but it gets the job done and it's very easy to get started. You can even embed the player inside your own articles.
    Keyul3Maker of Coursesity Β· Written
    I was going to recommend this when I saw the question. But you already did. This is definitely the best extension to listen to Medium articles.
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    Medium Audio Stories

    Listen to your favorite Medium stories

    Niv Dror15VC at Shrug Capital Β· Written
    The product looks super well done, and seems like the first real value feature in the Medium Members upgrade. Wondering what @rrhoover things as he is a member :-)
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    Pocket Listen

    Reading is hard. Listen to articles instead.

    Ben Tossell30No-coder πŸ‘‰ Β· Written
    I use Pocket A LOT so I tend to get a lot of backed up content to get through. Sometimes its easier to use Pocket listen. Although the voice is fairly robot-y
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    Daily news and top stories, turned into podcasts

    Maria NicolaeCo-founder at Listle Β· Written
    Maria Nicolae made this product
    Listle is an app that allows people to listen to an increasing library of interesting audio articles - read by people. 15 new audio articles are added every day. You can find articles on current events, top HN stories or your favourite PG essays, in audio. Link to mobile app:
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    The best there is! Super interesting and eclectic listens!
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    Listen to your news stories, narrated by humans

    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub Β· Written
    Instead of reading the news, enjoy it being read to you! Plus, it's read to you in a friendly human voice (instead of a robot voice, because as much as I like Alexa and Siri, they don't have the same finesse).
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    The world's best longform journalism, read aloud.

    ryanCofounder, Audm Β· Written
    ryan made this product
    Audm is an iOS app that lets you listen to audio versions of longform feature articles from publishers like The Atlantic, The New York Review of Books, ProPublica, Outside Magazine, Foreign Policy, and London Review of Books. The stories are read by audiobook narrators.
    Nathan BaschezWorking for progress. Β· Written
    I love Audm! It's the only way I can get through long David Frum pieces in The Atlantic :)
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    The simplest way to listen to the web

    JoshFounder @NarroApp, Director @officeluv Β· Written
    Josh made this product
    Narro has been doing this longer than the others and is continuing to release new features and voices!
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    Listen to startup and tech focused Medium stories

    Nick Abouzeid37Partner @ Shrug Capital Β· Written
    These are just tech articles sourced from Medium and run through IBM's Watson text to speech generator. Not as natural as a normal audiobook/podcast, but they do the trick.
  9. Oleg I. GalkinFounder of Β· Written
    Good voices. Just copy text of an article and paste it there.
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    My Orator

    Convert Web Articles into an Audio Podcast Feed

    Ambrose LeungSolving 1st world problems Β· Edited
    Ambrose Leung made this product
    My service works on all platforms - you just email the article URL to an email address (or use the Chrome Extension) and it will be added to your list your personal podcast feed is automatically updated as well. the unique feature that my service has is that you can tag articles and have them played by tag on the Amazon Echo. Obviously the parser may not work on all websites, so if it is doing TTS on text that is not relevant, just email me and I'll get that fixed.
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    Switch between reading and listening to the same story

    Nick Abouzeid37Partner @ Shrug Capital Β· Written
    DuoBook works wonderfully - you can switch back and forth between reading & listening, which makes it perfect for someone who has a hard time dedicating time to just listening to a book πŸ˜…
  12. Ayush Mittal29Head Of Digital Communications Β· Written
    Been using Play for Medium and sometimes Audiofy while driving. Ability to connect with Pocket/Instapaper, save from Safari/Chrome or Discover the latest feed. Voice is not as great as Play.
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    Listen to audiobooks at ridiculously fast speeds

    Jake Crump5Head of Support at Product Hunt Β· Written
    This is super helpful for anyone who doesn't have a ton of time, but still wants to enjoy audiobooks.
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    Voice Dream

    Best Text to Speech App

    LekanBFounder @ Β· Written
    I use this everyday. Look past the old school design, this is the BEST TTS app. Integrates with Pocket, Google Drive and reads PDF's too.
  15. Voice Aloud Reader is still the only app I've ever paid for, just because I received so much value from the free, ad supported version. It plays almost any file type, syncs with Pocket, Dropbox, Google Drive and it's really easy to skip or go back a sentence or paragraph.
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    Writing worth listening to from top publications

    Robert SampsonDesigner, for lack of a better word Β· Written
    Articles read professionally by flesh and blood humans from publications like the Guardian, AEON, Idler, Nautilus, etc...
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    Save articles to Read Later

    Howard HuangHead of Growth Β· Written
    This is what I gravitate towards. Just save an article, click the share button --> speak and it reads the article to you.
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    Top HackerNews articles in human-read podcast format

    Raman ShalupauMaker @ Β· Written
    Raman Shalupau made this product
    Real people narrate your content. REAL. PEOPLE. Synthesized voice is nowhere near. We are starting out with top HN articles and cryptocurrency whitepapers, but will soon start narrating any article or document on demand. Subscribe to keep tabs on our progress!
  19. Spencer Camp made this product
    Realiti News is a newer simple and beautiful audio news app that lets you listen to Wired, Time, Huffington Post, Mashable, TechCrunch, Reuters, Slate, and Gizmodo read to you by professional human narrators, each morning, when the daily feed is refreshed with the latest articles. :)
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    Turn your reading list into a podcast

    Duncan McCleanEntrepreneur and Web Developer Β· Written
    Duncan McClean made this product
    It's great for listening to articles and turning them into a private podcast.