Jessica Lodgeex Product Manager - JS developer

What easy and preferably free task automation site/app do you guys use?

I want to run a few tasks and tests that can be quite repetitive so it would be great to automate them.
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    Connect and automate 500+ web apps

    Keri ByrneProduct Evangelist · Written
    We use Zapier for all different types of workflows. It keeps us organized and consistent with managing our tasks. Some inspiration for which apps to connect:
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    We use Zapier to connect and automate several different processes including sending email via MailChimp to a user on content submissions, making entries in Google sheets and much more.
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    Do more with the services you love

    Ive been using IFTTT since it's beta and love the platform!
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    In the past, we created some recipes to automate the collection of alerts and posting on social media. We don't use it currently but might be something that you are looking for.
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    Automate things you do every day on your iPhone/iPad

    Workflow is a fantastic for iOS. And now that it's owned by Apple, it'll probably have stronger integration in the near future with the OS.