What are the best personal finance management apps?

Looking for a PFM app that aggregates all accounts, uses predictive analysis on spending levels, helps with budgeting and an easy way to help save/invest with whatever's left over from that months salary. Thanks!
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    Mint by Intuit
    Tomas WilliamsCX Insights & Enablement · Written
    Tracks spending across all your accounts. Clean, quick and easy.
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    QuickBooks Self Employed
    Eithiriel DeMeréHead of Community @ Source.Network · Written
    Importing expenses from your bank does most of the work for you. They'll sort transactions into Schedule C categories for you automatically. All you have to do is confirm. Automatically separate your work expenses from personal.
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    YNAB (You Need a Budget)

    Gain control of your money

    Sarah SheaBig data, tech, biohacking, and batman. · Written
    The system is part of the strength here. Focus on budgeting what you actually have and managing future expenses. Syncs with all accounts.
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    Penny 2.0

    Your friendly personal finance coach

    AI based PFM tool, that reviews your accounts and presents spending trends, categories in a chat bot based approach. You can also ask questions like "How's April going" "Breakdown my spend by category" etc..