Arthur Eudeline
Arthur EudelineWeb developer f***ing proven technophile

The better free todo app

Hello everyone ! I'm currently looking for the best free to-do app in the world! To achieve this impossible quest, I want to found an app that corresponds to this standards : - must be FREE (at least for the next features) - can be interconnected with Google Calendar (as Wunderlist or Google Tasks does it) - the tasks can be : -- time estimated and due to a date and a time (like Remember the Milk) -- repeated -- subdivided into subtasks (like Trello allows it with "convert to card" todo feature, but I prefer Todoist way for this) -- categorized to a custom classification (like "work", "school", ... like Remember the Milk does) -- handle a description text -- assigned to a task list/project -- handle comments (Trello, Wunderlist) - the task lists/projects can be subdivided and be encapsulated as many times as we want (I really love the Todoist method) - task lists/projects, categories and tags can be shared and allow team working (like Wunderlist and Remember the milk) -- we can assign lists/projects member to a task (Trello, Remember the Milk, Wunderlist) Secondary features that can be very cool : - API - Interconnection with Slack and Trello Services I already tried : - Trello (a little bit complicated for using it as a todo even if it matches almost all my needs) - Google Tasks (too simple, cannot be shared, no subproject, too simple subtasks) - Todoist (perfect but paying) - Wunderlist (Almost perfect, it just lacks some tags system and infinite subdividing lists and projects) - Remember the Milk (pretty perfect except the subdividing feature that I love so much is only on paying plans) As you can see, I love todos. If you find me the perfect app, you're going make me more than my day! So that the game begins as we say.
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    A simple and effective to-do list and task manager

    Brennon Denny
    Brennon DennyCreating Things @ DennyDevHQ 💡 · Written
    Free and cross platform
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    A beautiful organizer that integrates into your calendar

    Fully integrated with Google Calendar, allows dragging tasks from to-do lists directly onto your calendar, time estimates, due dates, time tracking, subtasks, comments, etc. They seem to be adding new features every month and are super responsive to user feedback
    I used to use this! I like it
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    Zenkit 3.0

    Flexible project management you can share with the world

    Dinnie Muslihat
    Dinnie MuslihatContent Marketer at Zenkit · Written
    Hey Arthur, I can recommend Zenkit as a great free todo app. It can be integrated with Google Calendar and accommodates to the other features you are seeking. We've also recently released the newest version, so you can enjoy a sleek design with other ways to share your data. I work closely with the dev team, so I can pass on any feedback you may have. :)
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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Arthur Eudeline
    Arthur EudelineWeb developer f***ing proven technophile · Written
    Todoist, perfect if you pay, in free plans it remains very useful but you're going to spend your time to dream to had the paying features for free
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    Notion 2.0

    The all-in-one workspace - notes, tasks, wikis, & databases

    Great for day work and taking notes, not so good as a todo app
    The most UNIQUE Todo App I have ever found!
    Does everything you want but has the capability to do way more than you can ever think of
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    The All-in-one Product Management Platform

    Hygger is perfect for working routine and to-do listing. The functionality of this tool allows specialists to create and allocate the tasks, add and change checklists, see the project backlog page and execute other necessary activities! Make sure yourself trying it right now!
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    Capture ideas, things to do and places to see

    Arthur Eudeline
    Arthur EudelineWeb developer f***ing proven technophile · Written
    Almost perfect, it just lacks some tags system and infinite subdividing lists and projects
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    Organize anything, together

    Arthur Eudeline
    Arthur EudelineWeb developer f***ing proven technophile · Written
    A little bit complicated for using it as a todo even if it matches almost all my needs
    Shamit Khemka
    Shamit KhemkaM.D. - SynapseIndia · Written
    Use Trello to organize your tasks on the go!
  9. 5

    Agile task management, kanban, scrum, sprints and timers

    Vasil Enchev
    Vasil EnchevMaker of - Agile/Kanban/Time · Written
    Vasil Enchev made this product
    Try Ora, most of the things you want for free are in the basic Ora plan, all except Task Repeat (Yeah, I'm not exaggerating, they actually are there and they are free for up to 3 members)
  10. All the features you need, and many more. They have a very generous free tier too. Give it a try and you'll be hooked.
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    Remember the Milk 2.0

    Complete redesign and new features for the popular to-do app

    Arthur Eudeline
    Arthur EudelineWeb developer f***ing proven technophile · Written
    Remember the Milk is almost perfect, except the subdividing feature that I love so much is only on paying plans and I'm not a big fan of the app name and the interface looking (I'm too rigid I know) but this point is only personal and their work remains simply amazing
  12. 2
    Google Tasks for Mobile

    Any task, any goal. Get things done.

    Arthur Eudeline
    Arthur EudelineWeb developer f***ing proven technophile · Written
    Very cools features are included in the app like for example the integration with Google Agenda and a so beautiful design. But the app remains to light for me
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    Keep track of important tasks and get more done each week ✅

    MichielWebdeveloper & designer · Written
    Michiel made this product
    Workweek is completely FREE and lets you plan your weekly tasks efficiently. Super intuitive interface, easily add tasks with due dates and labels, keeping everything clear. Built-in team functionality also makes this the perfect tool for keeping track of team productivity. Give it a try!
  14. 2 - To-do list, Calendar & Reminders

    +20M people rely on to keep their lives under control

    Vijay Selvaraju
    Vijay SelvarajuData Science and Startups Enthusiast · Written
    Connects with Google Calendar, available across most platforms and most features you expect are available in Free Version. I keep switching back and forth between Todoist and Anydo but since you didn't mention it on your list I'm adding it here
  15. - FREE! - list view with endless tasks and subtasks - Kanban board - multiple assignees - comments area, update in real-time, allowing me to discuss matters with teammates - set due dates - add tags, great for organizing tasks (filtering and sorting) - migrate from other tools: Asana, Trello, Wunderlist, etc.
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    Ridiculously simple, incredibly powerful organization

    Syncs very well with your email and calendar
  17. Sanjeev Lamba
    Sanjeev LambaElectronix...Engineer · Written
    Sanjeev Lamba made this product
    This isn't an app but a good planner/Daily to-do vook
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    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Hiba Amin
    Hiba Amin5Content Marketing Manager · Written
    Not the main purpose that Asana was built for, but since we use it within our team for task management I'm already in the app. I make my own dashboard and create my own todo list within that so I can see how I can fit my to do list between my work load (works great if your to do list is related to your workload!)
  19. Pratik Soni
    Pratik SoniProduct/UX/UI Consultant · Written
    Pratik Soni made this product
    This is extremely simple to use, Please try this once.
  20. Đinh Trọng Tú made this product
    You can invite your friends to join the trip, you can manage your spending and you can invite your friends to join the trip. Install and enjoy what Trippy brings.