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Davis Baer@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp

😸Were launching on Product Hunt soon 😸Want to give us some feedback before then? https://www.oneupapp.io/ OneUp is a tool to schedule and automatically recycle your evergreen content on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+

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@daviswbaer Solid landing page. Also your Pricing page where you compare between Buffer and MeetEdgar help clarify some of the original questions I had (aka why would I use this over buffer). Who are you expecting to be your target users/customers? Small businesses? Social media gurus? Side note - your android app looks pretty awesome and well designed. Nice work 💪
@kevinguebert Thanks Kevin! Your feedback really means a ton to us 😊 Our target customers are small businesses, bloggers, podcasters, and YouTubers. Anyone who creates and shares evergreen content on social media 🌲
@daviswbaer Gotcha! That makes sense. I don't know much about this sphere/area so I don't know how much refreshing/recycling there really is, but this isn't just for recycling posts, right? can this also be used for scheduling one-off posts?
@kevinguebert Yep, you can definitely schedule one-time posts as well as repeating posts 🤓
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@daviswbaer What kind of feedback would you like?
@marcojelli Hey Marcus! Would love to hear some feedback on the landing/pricing page: - Is the value proposition clear? - Is anything confusing or needing clarification? For anyone who is willing to sign up for the free trial: - Is the onboarding clear and intuitive? - is it easy to schedule a social media post?
@daviswbaer It's pretty clear. But you could remove some unnecessary words and perhaps lead with benefit rather than what. For instance - something like this would get my attention: "Double your Social Media Traffic. OneUp automatically schedules and recycles your social media posts on blogs, videos, or podcasts."
@marcojelli Thanks for the feedback!
@daviswbaer Landing page looks clean. Serves the purpose. All the best.
@iamsooraj Thanks Sooraj! Truly appreciate the feedback 🙏