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Can you wear my company's shirt?

Yes. If you pay me.

Free shirt wearing on all orders placed between 6/12/18 and 6/20/18
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Whilst I respect your... gusto... in unashamedly deeming yourself important enough for people to pay you to wear their tshirts, the reality is you DO only have a thousand followers. By the time I take into account the cost of a tshirt, sending the shirt to you, and then your fee, I could have taken out an ad on social media that would reach a lot more people than your following. No?! Have I missed something? I know you’ve said you might have 50,000 followers soon, but we all might. I might win the lottery tonight. I just don’t get it.
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@mickc79 Hey Mick, thanks for the comment :) You are more than welcome to spend your money on a FB Ad instead of this. I may only have 1000-ish followers right now, but my tweet about this PH post currently has over 22,000 impressions: https://imgur.com/a/YJxslxd I can't promise that will happen for every tweet, but I know you would have to spend a LOT more money on FB Ads to get that kind of reach :) Edit: Currently over 40,000 impressions as of 6/2
@mickc79 Not worth it for $20, but for $1? Why not. If he can find other shirt wearers that target a specific microdemographic I think it's no different than spending thousands of dollars on Instagram "influencers" to post about a brand. Kudos to him for being a hustler. A dollar here, a dollar there, and probably hundreds of free t-shirts by the end of next week.
@mickc79 @daviswbaer To build off what I said earlier and Davis reiterated with some numbers to back it up, what he's looking for is a snowball effect. I don't know if anyone else needs it broken down but let's do it for shits and giggles so a marketer can talk more than we already do. Davis starts promoting companies on this wildly popular method from years ago > generates attention. Companies use his initially insanely dumb low price of $1 (now say there's a company that has to actually make a shirt and ship it which I offered to do above, that's $20 if 2 people made a profit minimum along the way so $21). I've been doing social media ads in tandem with everything I do. People find my organic analytics pretty effing impressive because it outpaces other marketers boosted posts. Humble brag aside, the ROI is still terrible on them. People scroll past ads, they close popups, they block or delete emails. Even with just 1000 followers to start with Davis has generated genuine interest in how this uncommon marketing tactic is going to work out. It's win win no matter what. Davis is about to glow up on social media if he does this correctly. Small business owners get the names of their companies and whatever message they want him to tweet with it to those 1000 eyes and he has some pretty impressive folks there already. But that's failing to account for the growth he'd see from the increased traffic from the various business's marketing efforts. They aren't going to spend $21 and just let it play out. They're gonna be like "this guy from product hunt is wearing our shirt and promoting us. More businesses off product hunt find interest. Possibly a few content pieces are written about his ballsy or stupid move but no publicity is bad publicity unless you're going to jail for something. Not only is Davis opening up his ability to snowball generate his revenue and following he's going to be allowing you to continually buy more shirts to send in. So when he hit's 5,000 i'm in for the full spend. I don't even know who this dude is other than the few online interactions we've had but I love this idea. Marketing is the most difficult industry because it's constantly changing. Marketers have to change their entire knowledge base more regularly than any other profession and the good ones get to keep at it like I have for 12 years now despite the industry. When too many marketers enter a consumer pocket, it's time to bounce. Check out the stock prices for Lamar Advertising Company Class A (LAMR). What do they do? Something that every marketer every few years comes back to. Billboards, print, real-life, grassroots marketing. Like my rebranding agency plans to do. $21 on Davis wearing my companies shirt and tweeting my message and then ordering back ups if it's successful so I can buy 20 ads again? It's fucking genius. I'll go click for click on an ad spend here vs. FB or IG. :-P *steps off soapbox and sashays into the distance*
@mickc79 @daviswbaer Well said. And to add you are the most popular today on PH!!
@daviswbaer Fair play to you. As I said I do genuinely respect your gusto.

Shut up and take my money.


He wears my shirt.


If I don't buy... he doesn't wear my shirt.

i sent you a shirt!
@ry4nolson Order received! Look forward to seeing the shirt :)
Hi, long time PH fan, first time commenter... i think. I have several questions and concerns: 1) can I buy this tomorrow for $1 by following the instructions but have a shit printed and sent to you. This is probably feasible for companies without shirts on hand considering you’re about to need multiple days and some nipple cream to get through several in a day. Also, do I get to pick the day too? You should partner with a T-shirt screen printing service locally by you and give us their contact info if they provide a discount for this advertising spend. 100% worth a $1. best spend next to carrd.io max pro i'll make from here. Win Win. You make a local small business a ton of money by giving us a discount and you make a ton of money and publicity advertising businesses. 2) please get a PO box to send to because public calls for mailed submissions are dangerous. especially sInce you dIdnt Include rules ans restrIctIons. so please don’t wear somethIng offensive because someone thought they‘d be subversively funny then get hate mail Instead of tees. PR is the most consistent area of marketing and pretty important. 3) You're not a model? I'd beg to differ. But then again, I'm the type to make do with what's available at the moment. (jk. Total model status)
@prittyamazing Hey Pritesh, all good questions. 1. Yes, you can choose whatever day you wish. Just let me know of the order :) 2. I will add something to the FAQ saying I refuse to wear offensive material. 3. Lol
@prittyamazing You have a machine that can print shits?
@mickc79 yeah. I think they call it my digestive system. But if Anyone would like to have a shirt designed for Davis to wear, shoot over a print quality file of their company design and I'll set up a payment gateway to print and a send a shiRt out for $25 which includes shipping so long as Davis gives me a US address. Regular 5-7 day turn around. Clock me. I have a solution to all your needs
Pretty simple, pretty good. ☝️☺️
@ihatedotpink Oop, now you jumped the shark