Davis Baer

Davis Baer



Co-Founder of OneUponeupapp.io

Maker’s goals
Earlier this year
  1. Hit 200 paying users for OneUp

    María Espí
    James Gallagher
    Jero Garcia @jero_net (twitter)
  2. Be a finalist for Product Hunt Community Member of the Year 😻🏆

    Laurent Pellegrino
    Souhail Merroun
  3. Read 1 book/month (12 of 12 completed)

    Ryan Hoover
    ✎ Espree Devora
    Jonathan Völkle
Last year
  1. Pass $1k MRR for OneUp

    Alessio Fanelli
    Bernardo de Castro
  2. Get a customer to purchase OneUp's top tier annual subscription ($948/year)

    Andreas Pizsa
    이태호 Tae-ho Lee
    Amrith Shanbhag
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