Can you proofread my blog post?

Get a native English speaker to proofread for free

Edit: This service has been shut down to focus on my social media scheduling tool startup OneUp (

Free proofreading service. Free editing service. Free proofreader. Get a native English speaker to proofread your blog post for free.

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Hello Product Hunt πŸ‘‹ It seems like basically every startup, website, and business from all over the world has a blog nowadays - which is great! The problem: Many blog posts I come across are from non-native English speakers, writing a post in English. This sometimes leads to grammar and spelling mistakes that may diminish the credibility of the site with their potential customers. Oftentimes, it would only take a quick proofread by a native English speaker to prevent these mistakes, so I created this simple solution. **Can't I just ask a friend to proofread?** Of course! However, some people don't have any friends that are native English speakers. Also, some people don't have any friends at all :( **Why not just use something like Grammarly?** You can definitely use Grammarly, but I have found that it lets many errors slip through the cracks. In addition, Grammarly has limited functionality unless you pay.
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@daviswbaer how do you apply to be a proofreader for their team since they’re overwhelmed? Writing and communications is my game and helping these guys out and being able to work on some unpaid research while I do would be awesome :)
@daviswbaer Done. Additionally, please don't judge me based on my Twitter. I usually write behind the scenes so not particularly concerned about image. Which is fucking fabulous btw. I just tend to also talk to my alter egos profile sometimes and that might come off as crazy. She just needs some love.
I think is a good idea that have someone to review the post/website, especially in Asia here mostly people just direct translate their language to cater English user..
@tanghoong Thanks Tang :)
@tanghoong it's understandable when people do that but it buffles me when companies do it and you see otherwise serious websites with terrible English or product descriptions on sites like gearbest which barely make any sense. It looks like they don't even try to proofread, let alone looking for services like this or software like grammarly...πŸ˜“
@tanghoong @anna_0x Agreed Anna! That was the inspiration behind creating this. So many businesses would benefit immensely if they only had someone to proofread their website and blog posts.
@anna_0x Well, it always lack of resources. Not only english itself, others languages like mandarin, french etc etc do facing same issues.
Such a wonderful idea! Lord knows how much time I would have saved if this would have been up already years ago πŸ˜‹
@angelosorbello1 Thanks Angelo!
Very relevant to something we're building at Product Hunt. Your invite is coming soon, @daviswbaer! 😊
@rrhoover Thanks for the feedback Ryan! Looking forward to the new Maker Space 😎

I believe It's ok for a company to pay for Grammarly. But this is not targeted for companies, and that's why it's so awesome! Keeping it on my Favorites bar ;)


Easy to use, free, fast


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Thanks for the feedback Matheus :)