Pokemon or Cryptocurrency?

A fun lil' quiz to see if you can you tell the difference

With all the new tokens and ICOs these days, it can be difficult sometimes to know which is a cryptocurrency and which is a Pokemon.

Take the quiz to see if you know your stuff :)

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Hello Product Hunt, thanks for checking out my site! After hearing the names of some new tokens and ICOs, I thought to myself, "Those could easily be the names of Pokemon". Well, that inspired me to build a fun little quiz to see if you can tell the difference :) I am not technical, so I decided to try to build it myself using Bubble - which I discovered a while back on PH: https://www.producthunt.com/post... Let me know how many you get right!
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@daviswbaer I need to brush up on my Pokemon! Missed 2.
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@bevanbarton Haha well done!
@daviswbaer Really good fun! I got 7 😅
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I scored 80%. Guess I should watch more Pokemon, or learn more about crypto!





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Hehe.. Brilliant!! 😬
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Just tried it. And I scored 9/10 ;)
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@thilawfab That's pretty good! Means your probably either a Pokemon or crypto expert :)
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90%. There should be a cryptocurrency name generator that removes the last few characters of a pokemon name it turns into a viable crypto name.
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@jakegosskuehn Well done :) You barely even need to remove any characters haha