Pokemon or Cryptocurrency Quiz

Can you tell the difference between Pokemon and Cryptos?

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It seems like everyone is announcing a new token or ICO these days.

Sometimes it's tough to know which are cryptocurrencies and which are Pokemon :)

Take the quiz to see if you know your stuff!

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Davis Baer
Davis BaerMaker@daviswbaer · Co-Founder of OneUp
Hey Product Hunt 👋 Here is the backstory of Pokemon or Cryptocurrency: - About a year ago, I noticed that a few cryptocurrencies had names similar to some Pokemon. (I was really into Pokemon cards as a kid) - I decided to create a Pokemon or Cryptocurrency "quiz" on Medium to see if people could tell the difference, which was my first ever blog post. That post got picked up by Hacker Noon and caught fire, receiving over 16,000 views in the first few weeks. (Fun fact: That is what introduced me to Hacker Noon, and led me to eventually start the Hacker Noon Founder Interview series) - Six months ago, I turned it into an interactive quiz using Bubble (I don't know how to code), and it got 139 upvotes on Product Hunt 😸 - Today, I am launching an updated version with new Pokemon, new cryptocurrencies, and a cleaner design, made on Bubble once again 😎 Let me know how many you get right!
Carlos Valls
Carlos Valls@carlos_valls · Expat Traveler
It’s crazy how some investors sometimes miss the concept of intrinsic value
Julia Xu
Julia Xu@juliaxu · Maker. Designer and developer.
Pretty hilarious. It would be awesome if there was some information not only about the Pokemon but the crypto as well. Also the background color is a little distracting from the content. Love the concept!