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What do people think of Make?

The community submitted 113 reviews to tell us what they like about Make, what Make can do better, and more.
What do you think about Make?
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113 Reviews
Nishith Gupta, Product|UX|Growth
1 review
Quick powerful workflow tool. Use it a lot. In fact have published quite a few utilities powered by Make on my Gumroad:

Kevin Östlin

Founder & Leadership at Zaplify

1 review
Make is probably the most amazing and powerful product I've ever worked with. Been using it for years now for marketing, finance, cross-system-integration, proposal generation, slack-notification orchestrators, automated accounting and what not. Make was an important factor to how we managed to bootstrap Zaplify. Among many things, we in fact built the whole POC for the app based on Google Sheets, Make and some APIs back in 2019. Today we're launching on product hunt! Thank you Make and all the Makers for helping us on the journey 🥳

The integration platform that powers 99% of our workflows.

Aleksandr Soloviev
Master of ceremonies
4 reviews
Best tool for automatization. They have affiliate program.

Has tons of modules an integrations, lots of tools to do functions on those data, very friendly dashboard and the free account has plenty of space to experiment . Not like other automation tools limiting functionality to force you to upgrade in order to test it what you really need.


Founder & Leadership at Shopzyte

2 reviews
Fantastic product. End-to-end well-built and very easy navigation!

Sabbir Ahmed
Automation engineer and dev
2 reviews
Make is I'd say the best NoCode platform out there. I have been using Make/Integromat for more than 4 years, and it has only improved over time. It solves a real-world problem, which is setting up automation without having to understand any programming language. It has all the built-in tools needed to build automation of any complexity or scale. I've yet to find an automation instance where Make is unable to get it done. As a certified Make partner, I use it every workday, and because of versatility, I've also developed web apps/tools without using a programming language directly through Make and its Webhook actions.

Buzz Bourque
Working on affordable graphics.
1 review
I used to spend hours on mundane tasks. Now with Make, I set up automation with moderation and no frustration. sry : )

Anatoly Bogdanov
resume is on my website
6 reviews
The application domain is down, its registration has expired.

Arpit Choudhury
Building Data Beats and astorik
18 reviews
Well, I don't understand why anyone would like to use any other iPaaS/automation tool after experiencing Make.