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Here is a Zoho Checkout Overview Video.
I am an old Zoho user. It appears to be a great addition to the Zoho family :) Thanks for hunting it @neerajt4. Hey @ux_je , First of all, congratulations for getting the sponsorship of India Vs England cricket match. I loved Zoho but was disappointed to find that general user hardly heard of it. But now Zoho appears to be taking marketing seriously. So, Kudos. By the way, "Zoho Checkout" looks awesome. Now question time: 1. The free plan resets every month. Right? I mean, after 30 days, I can again get 50 transactions for next month? 2. One payment page means what? Suppose, I have three products for $5, 10 and 15 so, Do I have to create three payment page? What if I have three different product of the same amount. Can I use the same payment page for all of them? 3. No Paypal ? How about PayUMoney and PayTM for Indian users? When should I expect it? 4. You common feature list says "Brand your pages" but the "custom branding" is written only for Rs.1500 option. So, other plans are not white labeled? Will they have Zoho logos on it? If yes? How big or small, any sample screenshot? Help me to know these things. Thank you.
@niteshmanav @neerajt4 Thanks a ton for your kind words. We are trying to reach out more to our Indian Customers, for it's important to win on your home ground, right? :) We're glad that you're interested in Zoho Checkout! :) About your questions now, 1. Actually, No! The transaction limit in the free plan is per organization, and won't reset per month. Hence, in the free plan, you can do 50 transactions in total. 2. Presently, we don't support multiple product items per payment page, so for now, if you have three products, you have to create three different payment pages. Soon, we will also have the option for the customer to choose one of the three products on the payment page itself. We'll keep you in the loop about the feature additions and updates! :) 3. PayPal will be added soon. Since Zoho Checkout is inherited from our other Zoho Finance products, we will extend PayPal to Checkout as well. PayUMoney wallet is supported through Razorpay currently. About PayTM, we are exploring further options in India, we'll keep you posted if we take it up. 4. Zoho branding will only have "Powered by Zoho Checkout" at the bottom of your payment page. Apart from that, in the normal plan, you can add your own organization logo and play around with the colors, images and other customizations in the Payment Pages. Again, thanks a ton for reviewing Zoho Checkout and I hope you will find the product satisfying your business needs. Please do let us know if you need any further clarifications or assistance. You can always write to support@zohocheckout.com :)
@niteshmanav @neerajt4 About Branding sample screenshot, I have added as one of the image with CheckoutForm to the above product gallery. Please check and let me know your feedback.
@ux_je @neerajt4 Yes, I found it. It's nice little text. so, not a big issue. Though, excuse me for this but the logo of Zoho looks very 90s to me. :( It's my personal opinion to give it a little modern touch now :) Thank you.
@niteshmanav @neerajt4 Thanks for your confirmation and your feedback on Zoho Logo. I will forward your feedback to my Branding team!
@ux_je @neerajt4 @zohocheckout Oh! Thank you very much for detailed as well as precise response. 1. It's sad to know that 50 transactions are an overall number. Though paid plans are not that pricey so, it's okay :) 2. Subscribe for any future updates at niteshmanav@tomatoheart.com ( proudly hosted on Zoho mail :) ) 3. Yup, PayTM is a necessity now, because of its hyper marketing after demonetization thing that happened in India. 4. One suggestion, can't you think of a %age commission wise pricing model as well. I mean, if I am a seasonal seller and want to pay only for my few sells per month. Monthly paid subscription doesn't make much sense to me. Hope you understand :) Currently, I don't have any such need, but still, I have already signed up for this. I will let you know more about it once I start actually using it for my business. All the very best for the great success of this product. Cheers
Highlighting features: - Collect one-time and Recurring payments. - Create customized payment pages. (Some of the customization options include adding company logo, changing background colors, tailoring labels and fields, and much more) - Easily embed payment pages on website/online store, or share via email and social media. - Integrated with multiple payment gateways. - Integrated with MailChimp and WordPress.
Do you only support 3 payment gateways at the moment? Any support for 2Checkout or South African based gateways?
@hermanschutte Yes, to start with, we are supporting three gateways. Since Zoho Checkout is inherited from our Zoho Finance Suite that supports 2Checkout and many other gateways, we will probably extend more gateways to Zoho Checkout too. We will surely keep updating here as we add more gateways.
@ux_je that's great news! Unfortunately we can't use Stripe, so once you add 2Checkout support we'll definitely be on board.
@hermanschutte Sure Sure. Once we support 2Checkout we will intimate you. If you send your contact mail ID to support@zohocheckout.com, it will be more useful to communicate you.
I use Zoho for several years and I like there products.
@ivan_ivanovski Thanks Ivan. We really appreciate it. It's customers like you who make us want to do more.