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#3 Product of the WeekJune 11, 2019
Zest Enlight leverages the power of community curation and AI to provide every user with an individualized learning path.
  • Matthew Zammit
    Matthew ZammitDigital Strategist, Marketing Consultant

    Focused learning, quality content, suggested articles based on my preferences. 🧠💡


    Add learning streams or "playlists" based around a topic could turn Zest into a self-learning University

    As a consultant, marketer and lecturer, I need to constantly be learning and growing, but noise is a REAL issue online! What articles do I read? What blogs should I follow? Where's the quality content?? 🤯 With Zest Enlight on my iPhone I'm now getting a concise list of articles to go through everyday. These articles have been suggested by the community, certified as quality content by the Zest team and suggested to me through the AI-engine based on my preferences and previous interaction. This is real efficiency for quality self-learning!! 💪 Just received today's notification... off to read the new list of suggested content 🧠 (Disclaimer: I was part of the Zest Enlight Beta and been using it for quite some time)

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  • Yonatan
    YonatanCEO @CliClap

    Excellent tool for keeping up to speed with anything related to marketing. Intuitive UX. Easy to read the content on the app.


    When the content suggested isn't relevant and I select thumbs down, I would recommend removing the article from my feed.

    I have been following the Zest team from day 1. It's amazing to see the progress they did with a small team that was able to rap around it a huge community of advocats. Well done and good luck!

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The level of excitement for the fact that Zest is on PH for 3rd year in a row? It’s over the roof 🤩 Add to that the @benlan is hunting us and you got yourself a super thrilled Zesteam 😉 This year Zest came up with a premium solution, and for the first time, that solution is mobile native. That way we enabled marketing professionals to acquire knowledge ‘in the flow of work life’, and be able to develop their skills with minimum content noise by pairing Zest’s community curation system with AI in order to deliver unique learning experience to every user. Where did the idea come from? Zest’s community has been on the mission of fighting content overload for a while now. Having established a multilevel community that is maintainable and scalable, we realized it’s time to focus on helping users better acquire the knowledge. Today’s professionals require a different approach to learning, and traditional education models fail to provide access to the relevant knowledge that is timely and easily integrated into a daily routine. What is the solution: A personalized knowledge-building machine that every marketer must have in his pocket. These are the main features: 💡 AI-guided learning path 💡 Determining the quantity of the content you want to be exposed to on a daily basis 💡 Tailoring your knowledge-building sessions so that they fit your schedule 💡 Full tag customization The best part: The more user interacts with the content, the more tailored the experience becomes :) For the last 4 weeks we’ve been actively beta testing and acquiring feedback from a 6k community of beta helpers and we’re so glad we got to share the result of the beta with the Product Hunt community. If you sign up for Zest Enlight today, you'll get 3 months free, so I encourage you to try it out and let us know your thoughts. Please add your thoughts, feelings and suggestions in the comments. We live and die by feedback, good and bad ❤ To the lemons and beyond!
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Amazing work guys (as always <3)! Keep rocking Great UI and design
@tomer_aharon You rock and you know it. Thanks for stopping by, smart man
UI, Design, Copy Writing - Zest is my favorite brand to follow!
@aazar_ali_shad Awwwwww thanks. Coming from a professional in your caliber means the world to me!
I LOVE this tasty lemony product! The only app I have notifications for... ^_^
@netadror HA! Super-comment by a super-lady, you super-pro!
Love the new app. Very intuitive and simple to use. If you are looking to learn new stuff about marketing and keep up to speed with the marketing sphere - this app is for you
@yonatan_snir Thanks for stopping by, Yonatan!! Always important to hear from you!