Zendesk + MonkeyLearn integration

Automatically tag tickets in Zendesk using Machine Learning.

MonkeyLearn supercharges your Zendesk by automatically tagging incoming tickets using Machine Learning. This integration predicts the value of a given field based on the subject and description of a ticket. Now you can stop manually tagging every single ticket; let AI do the work for you.

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9 Reviews5.0/5
Federico Pascual
COO @MonkeyLearn.
👋Hello Hunters! Federico from MonkeyLearn team here. Tags are the cornerstones of customer support; whether used for routing tickets to the appropriate person, prioritizing, activating auto-responses or building trend reports and analytics. Ticket tagging is an integral part of a support team. But support teams spend hours each month tagging tickets 😫. And most often than not, team members use different criteria which affect the accuracy of your analytics and workflows. We've built this integration to solve this and make support teams using Zendesk more efficient. By letting the AI do the job for you 🤖, you can stop manually tagging each incoming ticket and ensure consistent tagging criteria without errors, 24/7. Give it a try and let me know your feedback! Happy to answer any questions!