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"Customer intelligence software built for targeted campaigns and proactive engagement. Zendesk Connect helps you better understand your customers and their journeys to proactively support and engage them. Collect customer data from across the Zendesk family of products. Complete your view with a timeline of events and conversations. Create segments of customers based on behavior or profile. Then identify trends and trigger targeted campaigns to get the right message to the right customers. Keep your relationships going strong. A proactive heads up about issues or a well-timed tip for newbies delivers assistance before customers know they need it. Import customer data and combine it with customer interactions from all your Zendesk products—and beyond. An event based timeline gives you a better understanding of that customer’s history: where they’ve been on your site, when they needed help, and why." Looks like they are moving more directly into marketing automation, onboarding, and beyond just 'solving problems'. A shot across the bow for @intercom and the success they have seen with integrated customer communication.