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Request, manage, and pay for Ubers for your customers

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@chrismessina Great news for cake.af and bond.sh! Thanks chris!
@chrismessina Hey, is this starting in India too or will it be only exclusive to US?
@chrismessina Do you have an API into this? Could be a great fit for Giftbit.com.
@leif we do not at this time, but thanks for expressing your interest!
Smart move. Uber is a logistics company and part of their value is in the ability to drive (no pun intended) offline transactions. This is very similar to Teleport, an app built on the Uber API to drive friends or customers to a specific location.
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@rrhoover I found Teleport on PH and had used it to have an Uber pick up my teen kids from places and bring them home.
@ryanmtaylor I think you can already order a ride for someone else from uber main app
@ourielohayon emphasis on the "had", now they all drive so no need to call an Uber anymore. Whole different kind of worrying now. :)
Brilliant! No Smartphone needed! Who pays?
@ravivyas84 Looking for this answer aswell! Then again rider name is mentioned so probably going off phone number associated with their Uber account?
@ravivyas84 The business that sent it pays.
@ravivyas84 the second image says "Request, manage, and pay for Uber rides on behalf of your customers". I imagine it could be tough to make the rider pay, although maybe it could follow the Split flow where you get a notification to accept.
@ravivyas84 businesses will pay! I can already see this integration in general events (launch parties, sport games, concerts, Meetups, etc.) as well as big organization's conferences (WWDC, F8, etc.). @chrismessina correct me if I'm wrong.. :-)
@ravivyas84 Could easily see this being used by Hotels, charge the fare back to the customers room. Would work great in this sort of situation.
I wonder if people will use this two ways. Would be a interesting value prop for a business to send someone to pick you up and at the conclusion drop you off.
@jmacias surely it will be a two-way transit. No value add if the shopper drove and the real experience enhancement only really happens if they pick you up and drop you off. in my opinion.
should be another successful uber service...