Todoist for iOS

Sleek iPhone todo app, updated for iOS 8 w/ new features

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Hi guys! I am the founder of Todoist and will be following this thread. This version of our iOS app is a bigger foundation for the next version. Looking forward for the feedback!
I love that Todoist isn't just a phone app. I use the browser plugin and the API all the time.
@kckern You use our API? Can you share with us how you use the API? :)
@enricenrich Using the functions here: I (1) made an iCal feed for scheduled tasks to display in Google Calendar (2) Made a cron task that takes cards from Trello and turns them into Todoist tasks 5 days before they are due (this prevents cluttering the list with far-distant tasks but still allows batch input for a year/semester in trello) and (3) made a dashboard-y display of upcoming tasks mixed with calendar entries from google for a home-productivity display system.
@kckern Wow, it sounds so good! Really impressed on what you did! :) Is everything done just for personal use, or it's available publicly?
@enricenrich Just for personal use. Still too buggy/ugly to go public. I've found keeping a todo list is only as valueable as you refer to it, and refering to it itself can become its own "task" to do. So I figure out ways to get my tasks to show up in other places in my day-to-day life: Google calendar, home dashboard, (and even a text-to-speech summary every morning.) The API makes all that stuff possible, and I love it!
@kckern Really, I'm very impressed on what you did. It's amazing! :)
Super clean design. Most of the task lists lose me trying to be too much like a calendar. I like how the layers are tucked away so you can back into a calendar and not get so cluttered it becomes a pain and a habit is never formed.