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Patrick Wilver
Patrick WilverMaker@pwilver12 · Front End Developer, HubSpot
Hi Product Hunt, This is my first time posting as a Maker, so I’m excited to join the community and see what you think about this project. Here’s the URL: The Next Five is a career assessment that helps you identify your next step. The quiz asks you 19 questions to help gauge your interests, strengths, and working style. Once you reach the end, you’ll receive a “result,” which includes an in-depth, customized plan to help you keep growing in your career. Thanks for checking it out — let me know what you think! Patrick
Billy McGee
Billy McGee@billy_notion · @UseNotion Director of Growth
Cool UI. Is this quiz feature coming soon or custom built?
Nina Stepanov
Nina Stepanov@ninarstepanov · @techstars // @fituniversity
@billy_notion you can get a pretty similar experience using Typeform actually. Not sure if HS is planning to release a quiz building format like this :P
Meghan Keaney
Meghan Keaney@meghkeaney · Director of Product Marketing, HubSpot
@billy_notion HubSpotter here. We built this internally using HubSpot forms. @pwilver12 is the mind behind it - he may have some further insight. Thanks for checking it out and the comment.
Chris Handy
Chris Handy@handythinks · Mug says: World’s Greatest Dad
@meghkeaney this is amazing. We've had clients ask about using Typeform because they didn't like the way HubSpot forms work. Bring this to the product?
sri@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
I liked the video. Perfect.
Brittany Leaning
Brittany LeaningMaker@bleaning · UX Designer in Austin, TX
@sridhar_kondoji Glad you liked the video! We worked with a freelancer (Rodolfo Pauletto: on the animation for this video. He was awesome to work with. And HubSpot's @TBLittwin designed the characters.
sri@sridhar_kondoji · No Fluff Just Stuff skills tracker
@bleaning @tblittwin I am sure gonna contact him for my next video. Thanks for sharing.