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#5 Product of the DayMarch 15, 2019
This is what Nexsale came for. You can format your newly created site dynamically. In this way, show user interactions, online visitors, and recent purchases on your site. This type of pop-ups creates mutual trust and credibility for newcomers on your site.
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Urgency tools? Ugh — this is psychological manipulation as a service. Welcome to the new world order and the reality we live in. Defeating mindfulness is the new arms race (or should I say "mindfield").
Hi, Product Hunters! We’ve just released our social proof & urgency tools. We believe these tools will help to increase your website conversions. We have Product Hunt discount for you. Use “PH25” discount code at check out and save 25% OFF! The deal is valid only for the first 100 users. Have a great day! P.S. We’re open to getting all feedbacks and comments from you.
Wow!!!!!!!! this is amazing!!! I love the approach for sure. Nice it works with shopify! Will it work with woo-commerce and other e-commerce or custom made site? You guys offer FREE too! This is awesome approach too with all features and unlimited. Thank you for making this, i will bookmark this. Congratulations Nextsale team!!!! Much love from Singapore
@fajarsiddiq Thanks Fajar! :)
Congrats. How is this different from ProveSource?
@yosid Thank you Yosi! For detailed information please check out our Features page:
@yosid Thanks! Many features and unique tools are on way. We'll release them soon.
What makes your tool different than the many other social proof tools out here?
@kraftykyle Many new features and unique tools are on way. We'll release them soon.