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What do people think of POWR?

The community submitted 180 reviews to tell us what they like about POWR, what POWR can do better, and more.
What do you think about POWR?
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180 Reviews
Daniel Zaitzow
Spearheading Ops at ContentBlocks 🚀
175 reviews
Congrats on the launch @mick_essex + Team! POWR One offering 60+ plugins in one install is really significant for businesses and ecommerce sites! Given its extensive features and integrations, what team size do you think POWR One is most suitable for? Also on my mind (If there is one) what does the dev/integration lift look like from a time to value perspective? Looking forward to seeing its impact!

Back in the days when I was doing dropshipping... oh man, POWR would've been a life-saver! I mean, 65+ plugins, with free plan so you can try them out? Oh man, that's like a cheat-code. Literally, all your needs for your store is sorted, and the ones where you need a bit more juice (features, flexibility etc) they have a really friendly plan. I mean, it's min. 5/5 if not 10/5 rating! Well done guys!

Ulysses Tungssten
1 review
easy, affordable, customizable!

Patryk Pijanowski

Operations at Codejet

94 reviews
I tested them out quickly and liked them very much. I will recommend this tool to my friends who have stores on the Internet
Mick Essex
The feedback is very much appreciated Patryk!

Ryan Walker


3 reviews
I've just started using POWR apps like Form Builder, Popup, Payment Button, and Social Feeds. The great thing is, each of them comes with a variety of templates to pick from. It's a shame I didn't discover POWR sooner!

Form Builder, Popup, Payment Button and Social Feeds. These are the POWR apps I'm using so far, and each with multiple templates to choose from. Too bad I didn't know about POWR earlier haha!

Creator Economy
1 review
Best and strong no-code tools for every website!

Jeff Allen

Founder & Leadership

1 review
Exceptional, customizable widgets and add-ons for websites. My favorite is the audio player, which I use for a client's podcasts. I really like the service, the affordability and the look and reliability of the product. Great job, POWR!

Julia Prather
1 review
I've been pretty impressed with the designability of the POWR forms, and I'm even using the free version! I recently emailed POWR for tech support. I almost didn't expect a response at all since I'm using the free product, and I definitely expected to be at the bottom of the list. Instead, I got a response within 24 hours that included two great suggestions for resolving my issue. (Thanks, Franz!)

Multiple plugins available for all needs. Couldn't be happier, you guys are the best!!!