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FOMO Nudge
Give your site visitors a little 'nudge' to buy now! Similar to a popup, but less disruptive to keep your UX clean.
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Grow your business online without a developer! Centralized access to 60+ website plugins, nearly limitless integrations, and all with no coding. Let us help you increase your quality leads and convert them to new customers. We want you to be able to support your customers thoroughly and build trust through organic and social channels. Sign up for free (no credit card required), and let's start creating!

POWR tech stack

We're aware of 14 technologies that POWR is built with. POWR utilizes products like Product Hunt, Google in their tech stack

Recent launches

POWR One: Website Plugins Suite
Turn browsers into buyers with POWR One. A suite of 60+ customizable tools for marketing & conversions, like forms, popups, and social feeds, in one install. Integrates with the likes of Zapier & Mailchimp and works on Shopify, Stripe, BigCommerce + many more.
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Grow your business online without a developer!
🔌 Centralized access to 50+ website plugins, no code.
😊 Get 10-20 more leads per day.
📈 Boost conversions up to 300%.
💸 Close sales up to 3x faster.
🤑 Double average order value.
👉 Sign up free and start creating!
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You can edit your plugins live on your website!
POWR's patented Live Editor allows you to adjust your app without logging in to your POWR account or unpublishing it to edit. The edit tab is only visible to those who have edit access. For more, watch this short 1-minute video 😊