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What is Nextsale?
Nextsale is an all-in-one solution. It allows you to show visitors how busy is your website by showing anonymous information about the recent purchases. Nextsale makes users feel the experience of shopping in a dynamic website.
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Recent launches

Nextsale 2.0
Nextsale 2.0 brings you:
- Add Nextsale to any kind of websites
- Improved campaign builder with even more customizations
- Advanced campaign analytics
- Option to customize your messages even more
- Use your data to for better personalization
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Social Proof, Urgency: Nextsale
This is what Nexsale came for. You can format your newly created site dynamically. In this way, show user interactions, online visitors, and recent purchases on your site. This type of pop-ups creates mutual trust and credibility for newcomers on your site.
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