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OptiMonk 3.0 was ranked at #3 Marketing & sales for 2022
#3 Marketing & sales Product of the Year
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What is OptiMonk?
Okay, so you've driven a great amount of traffic to your site, nicely done! But that's just one step of the very long road called customer acquisiton. Our question is, are you able to keep your visitors? This is where we can help you. Our enlightened popups help you keep the traffic you are driving to your site by providing a 'special offer' when they are about to leave your site.

OptiMonk tech stack

We're aware of 14 technologies that OptiMonk is built with. OptiMonk utilizes products like Google, Intercom in their tech stack

Recent launches

OptiMonk 3.0
OptiMonk is a comprehensive website personalization platform that requires no technical knowledge. It allows marketers to create personalized shopping experiences with ease, and thus maximize website conversions and win customers for life.
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OptiMonk 2.0
OptiMonk is a free conversion optimization tool that turns your traffic into sales and email, Messenger, or SMS subscribers. It allows you to create, personalize and launch popups, sidebars, notification bars and fullscreens, without coding.
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