Smart Campaigns for Intercom Engage

Send the perfect series of in-app, email & push messages

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Matt HodgesHunter@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
We just released a major update our Engage product. We believe that marketing automation tools today are overly complex and fundamentally flawed. Smart Campaigns fixes that. With them you can drive people towards a common goal by sending each person the perfect series of email, in-app, and push messages based on their unique behavior. You can create Smart Campaigns to nurture leads, onboard new customers, upsell existing customers, and re-engage people that slip away. It's marketing automation reimagined. Check it out:
Bradley R@knownhuman · Strategist, Recurve Services
@mattnhodges Hey Matt, does the copy "Let Intercom decide what to send and when" mean Engage is using ML or just applying rules created by the user?
Matt HodgesHunter@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
@knownhuman great question, mate. We're not using ML - at least not yet ;) What it's referring to is that as a user of Intercom you simply need to decide the rules that trigger each individual message and Intercom will work out what message in your series to send next based on each individual at that point in time.
Bradley R@knownhuman · Strategist, Recurve Services
@mattnhodges Gotcha. Thanks.
orliesaurus@orliesaurus · Lasers handler
Is this a feature in direct competition with ? Very interesting stuff.. it definitely makes the Engage part of your product look more interesting for what I can tell. I wonder how it compares, not on paper but in practice!
Matt HodgesHunter@mattnhodges · Product at @Intercom
@orliesaurus Intercom Engage has always been an alternative to thanks to Auto Messages. Smart Campaigns take a different approach's feature that allows you to send a series of drip emails. Intercom has the added benefit allowing you to send in-app and push messages in addition to email.
Leo Bassam@leobassam · Founder, CEO at
Can't wait to try it out!
Joshua Wold@joshua_wold · Bugsnag
Looks promising. Managing all the intricacies of campaigns gets super complex.
Anton Eliasson@antoneliasson · Director of Marketing @ Shakr
This is perfect. I've long created intricate message-paths in Intercom based on Javascript events on our site but this will really simplify it! Now I can easily create a campaign for users to create their first video on Shakr, try out a monthly subscription or anything else that's valuable for us! Thanks Intercom! Now when is that NPS survey feature coming...? ;)