Signature by Salesflare

Automatically pull email signatures into Google Contacts ✨

By pulling data from your contacts' email signatures, this set-it-and-forget-it tool adds everyone you receive emails from to your Google Contacts automatically - meaning no more manual data entry for your contacts list.

The best part? It's 100% free.

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This is clever. My contacts list is a mess.
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@rrhoover We'll fix that for you. 👊
First off, thank you to @kwdinc for hunting Signature!! 😃 We're very excited to launch this tool to you Product Hunters today. This project started out of a desire to further automate users' email experiences—our goal at Salesflare is to reduce manual data entry so that people can spend more time building relationships. Signature is a big step toward this goal, as it will allow anyone using Gmail to avoid spending time doing things that machines can easily do for them. We're overwhelmed with the support we've received ahead of this launch. We had thousands of people join the waitlist, and we're excited to see what everyone thinks of the tool! Remember: if you sign up for our waitlist and invite three friends, all four of you skip the line and get access to the tool automatically. ✨ Plus: for those of you who have gained access to the tool, we have an exciting bonus feature available if you invite three additional friends - you can do this within Signature 😉 Feel free to leave feedback or questions in the comments below—we'll be hanging out here today to chat more about Signature!
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Contacts are broken and especially because of the weird duality between your Gmail archive and your actual Google Contacts list. This fixes that. That is a very good thing.
@cdohertyk1 Thanks Cole! Happy you like it 😍

Really handy for getting contact details. Manual entry is gone.


Really handy for getting contact details


Nothing at the moment

Thank you, Eric! Hope you enjoy using it 😁