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Hey fellow hunters, this is Paddle. It's the selling + delivery platform I decided to use for Non-app Calendar (see yesterday's hunt board). While they may not be the cheapest, I like how simple their interface is. Two other good points: - they support paypal out of the box - they handle the VAT mess for you (very valuable if, like me, you're European). Maybe @FabioVirgi_ can jump into the thread and tell us more about Paddle, where the name comes from, etc. ?
Looks great! I like how the service is included in the price. We offer the same with our ASO dashboard for Mobile App Developers...Free use of the product and Free service.
Hi guys & girls! First off: many thanks to Grégoire for submitting! We really appreciate it. Paddle aims to make it incredibly simple to sell your digital products -- from apps and games, to PDFs and creative resources. Our simple setup process means that you can start selling via your own website in minutes, and included in the 5% + 50¢ per sale fee, Paddle provides other perks like: analytics, file hosting & delivery, free customer support and importantly we also manage VAT for our sellers. We've also built a range of tools to help developers monetise their apps & games, including SDKs for trial versions, in-app purchasing, subscription payments and there's also a new cross-platform, in-app analytics feature coming soon! (Watch this space.) You can also check out our brand new video on to see what our other customers had to say about us!
@fabiovirgi_ Would be interesting to know on which payment provider do you rely ?
@axelbouaziz : Hey Axel! We actually use a number of providers, and we're constantly keeping these under review to ensure we can provide the best possible service to the end customers.
As a dev and proud user of Paddle I can only add they also support web hooks for their checkout. About a year ago I used to upload my apps to the MAS, but I ditched it because it's easier to use Paddle as they provide instant updates and give much more control over your Apps.
We use Paddle for selling our app Pinegrow Web Editor ( and are very happy with it (sold about $100K in the past year). Our app runs on Mac, Win and Linux, so we can't use Paddle's SDK and integrate with the service through a webhook. The biggest pain that Paddle is solving for us is taking care of VAT. For EU companies VAT became absurdly complicated in 2015. Also, instead of entering 100s of small transactions into our accounting books, we only need to account for one large monthly lump payment. 2% of extra commission (compared to using PayPal directly) is well worth it. PayPal also uses below-market exchange rates so if you're selling in USD and withdrawing in EUR, like we do, that's another 1% - 2% gone. Paddle uses market exchange rates so there is no money lost there. Guys at Paddle are helpful and responsive, so I'm happy to recommend them here, especially for EU based sellers.
@mattront PayPal adds 2.5% to exchange rate as stated here:
@mattront thanks so much Matjaž! It's good to know that you're happy with the service and that we've been able to sort out the VAT mess for you.
@imaleksi Its worth noting that by selling via PayPal using Paddle (as we maintain the relationship with PayPal) you're not subject to this 2.5% exchange markup. :)